Friday, December 14, 2007

elmo the guard dog

so hubby thought that surprising abby bug with a tickle me elmo was a good idea, i agreed. as soon as elmo arrived at our front door, we were SOO excited to see what abby's reaction would be to what we thought would be her new bff. . .boy, were we wrong. as soon as we tickled his belly, and elmo went into a frenzy of laughing and rolling around, abby bug started back-pedaling till her butt hit the wall. we then thought that maybe elmo wasn't such a hot purchase. until. . .

we put up our christmas tree. you see, a couple of years ago, i went out and bought a few dozen glass ornaments to hang on the tree. now that abby is mobile this year, the thought of her grabbing one and smashing it into tiny little pieces made me uneasy. . .so what does mommy do? i put elmo infront of our christmas tree, and she won't go near it!

pretty clever if you ask me. . .or is that just mean!?


Yankee Belle said...

Who needs door knob covers or cabinet - just sit elmo there. CLassic.

Blue Momma said...

Very inventive use of the elmo! Ours is gathering dust on a shelf. Those marketing folks are really smart. I want my $40 back!!! The $10 Tigger was a much bigger hit at our house.