Friday, December 21, 2007

"i lalala". . .close enough!

so we're trying to teach abby to say the phrase, "i love you." obviously, you can't tell your kid those precious words enough so we thought it'd be easy for her to pick up. well at first, her response to "i love you" was to blow kisses. . .of course we realized that that was her little way of reciprocating it back to us.

well earlier tonight, i told her again that i loved her, and abby bug replied back with a

"i lalala. . ." (blowing kisses)

my heart melted. she's halfway there. all i have to say is that once her word explosion comes along, i'm gonna be the biggest poon for whatever comes out of that sweet little mouth. i effin' LOVE that munchkin!!


Yankee Belle said...

SO sweet!!! Words that will always melt your heart. =)

Little Red's Momma said...

I'm just waiting on my "I lalala". Sweet girl.