Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's eve baby!!

before i begin, i just wanted to give a shout out to my karla maria for getting 10 inches of her hair chopped off and donating it to locks of love. i was there with her throughout her nervously excited journey, and words can't express how awesome i think she is for actually going through with it. karla has never cut her hair. ever. so this was a big step. you look fabulous karla maria, and i love the new do!okay so let's see, new year's eve started off with us dropping the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house. from there, we headed to a nice dinner at carrabba's where the bartender gave me free drinks all night. much appreciated. then we made a quick stop to the liquor store for some orange fanta and the captain. after the week i had, my intentions were to make the captain my go-to guy for the night. jaydoug was a close second. he didn't seem to mind, in fact, he was encouraging it. so off to brand and lisa's house for their annual nye house party. as soon as we got there, we made the rounds and said hey to everyone. here are the decent "let's get this party started" pics...well like any good party, the drinks started flowing, and it went down hill from there. the guys played outside and threw packs of fireworks into the fire pit all night. geniuses i tell you! jaydoug of course was the ringleader in the whole situation which doesn't surprise me since he does this with my family all the time. they'd throw the fireworks in and then run behind the garage as they watched. stupid, but redeemed with a hint of smarts. just a hint. meanwhile, the girls were inside talking about high school musical 3 and mexican muff. not sure how that got started or even were it finished, but it was hilarious.well, the clock was starting to turn midnight a lot quicker than we thought. lisa had a surprise for all of us and brought out a box of tooter shooters. the crowd went wild. even better that they were the "alabama slama" flavored ones. yikes! so we all made a pre-drinking toast before we watched the ball drop on the tele. we all knew we should do one before it hit midnight because after that, everyone was pretty much sucking face. =Pafter everyone threw back the shot, it was only minutes till the new year came. we anxiously watched and then counted down. 5...4...3...2...1...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i got a little kissy-kissy from my babies' daddy, and then we did a cheesy champagne toast while locking arms. it was funny, straights were mounting and kissing the gays, and everyone was just seriously enjoying themselves and the love that filled the room. too much fun.then everyone headed outside where the guys started lighting off the big fireworks for the finale. they were absolutely beautiful, and i was actually quite impressed at them.after the ooo's and ahhh's of watching the fireworks, the party continued inside where the downstairs was turned into a dance club. the songs on the playlist ranged from billy joel's "we didn't start the fire" to brittney's "womanizer" to elton john's "bennie & the jets." it was great. good times, good times. happy new year everyone, peace out!!

on the brink of insanity

first off let me start by saying that i usually don't like to vent on here because i know that this too shall pass, but good god, i am at a breaking point. let me explain...both of my girls are sick.

the grunt has had a severe upper respiratory infection for about 2 weeks now. you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her throughout the day, but early morning and all night, she is just pitiful. she can't breathe and is constantly choking and gaging while trying to spit up all of her phlegm. we took her to the doctor last week where i knew exactly what he was going to say. he said it would last for about 10 days and to do the standard humidifier, nasal spray, suction, and sleep slightly elevated. i hate hearing this because i just wish that there were something more we could do, but at least she has not spiked a fever. thank god. she has been sleeping in the bed with us throughout this time just to be super cautious and keep an eye on her. after every feeding, she projectile vomits everything back up including buckets of phlegm. doc said she'd do this because the milk sits on top of all of it, curdles up, and then has nowhere to go but up. do you know how many times i have washed our bedsheets between the last 2 weeks? poor sweet girl uses a towel over her blanket just to catch the stuff. okay, so on to the next one...

the mabster has now caught this nasty stuff as of this week. now she is the worse because she is older and knows that she is sick. plus, she has been watching baby sister get all of this attention from being sick so she figures she will milk it too. it's kinda funny, every time the grunt coughs, the mabster puts on a show of extreme rounds of fake coughing. the grunt's cough is filled with secretions, but the mabster's is dry. also, the mabster's nose is running like a faucet, and she is not eating nor sleeping. she is extremely irritable which doesn't help my nerves throughout this whole thing either. she did have a low grade fever yesterday morning that was alleviated with some tylenol. i called the doc and he said to bring her in if her temp reaches above 101 so now we're just sitting tight and hoping that it doesn't get to that point. she is super needy, and i don't blame her.

i hate that my babies are sick. guess they finally caught what's been going around. i know they could be 10x worse (and i am grateful that they are not), but these past 2 weeks have felt worse than the first 2 months with a healthy newborn. no sleep at night + no napping during the day = worn out mommy. i wasn't planning on drinking tonight since my liver still hurts from naw'leans, but game on. is it sad that my kids have driven me to drinking!? hehe. the girls are spending the night at lola and pawpaw's house tonight, and we are going over to a friend's house party to celebrate nye. i don't think i have ever been this excited to drink just to blow off some steam. thank you lola for relieving me and always helping me take care of the girls. i am indebted to you always and love you. so HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVERYONE, 2009 is going to be awesome!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

wide open spaces

today finally concluded our christmas affairs with everyone. my mom, dad, tre, carson, jay, and i along with both girls headed up to cullman this morning to visit mamaw at the farmhouse. mamaw had her yummy chicken and dumplins, turkey and dressing, and dump cake waiting for us...these are jay's favorite dishes that mamaw makes and was made upon his request. we ate, unwrapped presents, and rode the four-wheeler around all day. after a crazy busy week we had last week, it was actually very nice having the down quiet time of an hour to drive up there with no rush while taking everything in. there is just something about being in the country in wide open spaces that make you think and appreciate life and all it's beauty.some may look at those pictures and see nothing. but when i look at them, it makes me want to take a deep breath and live in it. i don't think i could be a city girl. i am definitely a country girl at heart. the little things in life are what matter most to me, and some times days like today help me realize that. it's honestly very refreshing to us to go up to the farmhouse and lakehouse. we don't go up there just to have something to do. we go up there because we truly enjoy it and want to be there. what may be boring to others is a paradise in simplicity for us. so thank you mamaw for reminding us of our roots. for helping us take the time out of our busy schedules to remember what matters the, life, and the "little things."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

congrats godson

this morning, we went to st. francis xavier catholic church to witness in celebration the baptism of my nephew carson robert. he is the sweetest little man out there, and i was proudly given the honor of being named his godmother. the ceremony went on without a hitch, and carson was amazing throughout it all. seriously guys, he is a dream baby! drew, tre's younger brother, was named the godfather. he is a marine, and the only time he could make it home to celebrate was during christmas. thus the reason for carson being baptized now. here is a picture of carson with his mom and dad, the priest, and his godparents. (woot-woot, that's me!)after the ceremony, we all walked to the front of the church for family pictures. karmie joked around with the priest the whole time, and loved the fact that father was trying to get her back into church before hers (st. barnabas) died out with all of it's old members. it was pretty funny. there's nothing like a silly old priest trying to lure you back into catholic calastentics. so now i leave you with a quick family picture of "the johnson's," as well as an overall group pic. congrats carson, may you walk in the faith alongside the big JC, and know that He is always watching over you. we love you, and congrats! i am so very proud to be your godmother.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas round 3

since my dad and older sister, karmie, were not able to attend the christmas gathering with the douglas' due to their work schedule, we decided to celebrate again, but now with everyone at lola and papaw's house. it was more of a christmas lunch at 11:00am followed by opening up presents before my dad had to go into work at 5:00pm. mom made two lasagna dishes (one was a meat & cheese and the other a chicken & vegetable) along with pot roast and rice. the meal was very satisfying after eating the traditional christmas food for the last couple of days. the grunt wore a dress that her lola bought for her, and i actually got a great picture of her in it before she yacked all over it. poor sweet girl, i wish you'd get better already...after lunch, we all gathered around in the living room and started exchanging and opening up our christmas presents. the mabster got the honors of starting first. she received a big mickey mouse along with some dvds, and she loved them. the grunt received a pretty dress in which she planned to wear to her cousin carson's baptism the next day. thank you lola, it's beautiful!towards the end, my dad made all of us girls open up our gifts from him at the same time. he has always loved surprising us with something he has made himself. well, my dad is awesome when it comes to crafting things both big and small. he's newest skill that is also one of his new found hobbies is making things out of stain glass. as we opened our gifts, we revealed a beautiful hand-made jewelry box made out of stain glass. it has two humming birds (my mom's favorite bird) on the top cover, and it is gorgeous. he designed it from scratch all my himself, and he beamed with pride as he told us that it was a "papaw original." i love it. and i love knowing that every time i look at it as i place a piece of jewelry in it, i will know that it was made just for me out of love. thank you papaw, we love you!so did you notice in that last pic that my mom's cat had to be propped up in the picture as well? she loves that damn cat. funny story is that jay's mom gave that cat to my mom and dad about 5 years ago when he was just a little baby kitten. my mom named him "KJ" after "kim and jason," and i can still remember the scrapbook page i made when we first brought him to her. super sweet. i think my mom loves that damn cat more than auburn football...and that's A LOT! ;) here is a quick pic of our douglas family of four in front of the christmas tree...lastly, out of all the expensive and elaborate gifts the mabster received, she absolutely loved her tita karmie's the best. you would have think she handed her the moon, but instead it was two dollars worth of jolly rancher flavored chapsticks. my kid's a nut for some chapstick. i think she has already eaten two tubes of it as we speak. lol. thanks tita karmie! "she is the best, she is the best. no one else, no one else!" =P

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas night

after a much-needed nap after christmas morning, we all got ready, and headed down to the restaurant again for our big christmas celebration. for the past 3 years, both sides of our families have come together to celebrate with the douglas'. i love the fact that our families actually all get along. it's great, and i am very thankful for that. there were about 40 of us there, so that is why this year everyone decided to draw names. all of the kids received presents from everyone though, and really racked up. i think we need a second house just for this stuff alone.also, i couldn't resist taking a picure of the mabster donning one of her christmas presents that her BFF gave her. she wore her "home field sports grill" apron as she posed in the kitchen with her nana lin. mom and dad loved it, and are going to have her peeling potatoes in the back in no time. it was super cute, and lil B even has a matching one as well. thank you for making it for her, grands! that was very thoughtful.we gathered up all the kids and babies and took a group picture. this year's christmas was super special considering there are 4 new babies in the family. wow. that reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, "when your family expands, your blessings multiply." so true. the kids rode around the restaurant in the barbie jeep, and auntie jess even got a turn as well. it was too funny.once everyone arrived, we started opening up gifts. the mabster started opening up her own, but with each one she opened, she got super side-tracked and wanted to play with it. i had to keep everything up to speed because between her and the grunt, they got spoiled!! the mabster got so many great gifts including a ton of dress up clothes and shoes. she loves them all and had to wear one asap. the grunt got so many great toys that the mabster never had which was excellent considering they weren't hand-me-downs... they were her own.oh, and the highlight of my night was when auntie jess surprised me with my gift. as i opened it up, i assumed it was a gift card because that's all i had put on my list. well as i began to read the card super fast, i saw "duoglider...santa's sleigh...aka, back of my trunk." i'm not even sure if i read the whole thing. i just saw those keys words, jumped up, and asked, "did you get me my double stroller!?" sure enough, she did. i about shat a brick. i just assumed jay was getting it for me so when he didn't i was honestly a little bummed, but glad of what i got instead. auntie jess said that she read my blog, and the day she read it, she called jay and told him not to get it for me that she was. amazing. sneaky, but amazing. thank you auntie jess, you're the best!so once everyone finished unwrapping their presents, the food was ready. nana lin worked hard making the entire menu which consisted of the perfect meal. we all said a prayer before we sat down to eat, and then opened up our holiday english crackers. for you see, jay's grandparents are originally from england, and that is another tradition that we do every year. they're super fun to pop open and consist of a little toy, a joke, and a goofy paper hat. it's tradition to wear our goofy christmas hats throughout dinner. fun, fun! so thank you nana lin for always feeding our hungry mouths with the best food ever, spoiling us and our kids with awesome christmas presents, and making such great memories with us all. we love you!lastly, i will leave you with a picture of the grunt. she has been amazing for us during these hectic last two days. i love how she can take a nap anywhere even if it is in the middle of an extremely loud restaurant (and yes, she was holding down a pool table =P). this is what i'm about to partake in...watching the back of my eyelids. goodnight everyone. hope you all had a great christmas with the ones you love!

christmas morning

this morning the mabster woke up bright and early...she knew santa was suppose to come and leave presents under the christmas tree if she had been a good girl. as soon as she woke up, we whispered to her, "i wonder if santa came?" as jay put her down and she turned the kitchen corner, her sleepy eyes turned into bright eyes full of pure excitement. it was the sweetest look i have ever seen. then she flew both arms up as she ran to the christmas tree. her first words, "my jeep!" SO sweet. she frantically went to town trying to unwrap her presents. it was funny though because at first, she started tearing off a small piece one after the other. jay said, "oh lord, we are going to be here all day." well she finally got the hang of it, and wrapping paper was everywhere. santa brought the mabster a barbie jeep, a little castle dollhouse, a barbie vanity with makeup, a pink fru-fru play phone, a woof-woof, a magnetic dress up doll, and a band in a box. i thought the band in the box was a great idea because whenever we'd go to playgroups, the mabster always loved to play with the other kid's maracas and tambourines. well at 7:00 in the morning, i re-thought that decision. i remember mumbling, "santa hates us" as the mabster loudly clashed her cymbals together. augh. looking back though, it was pretty funny.the mabster loved playing with all of her new toys. she even had to take her new barbie jeep for a spin inside the house. daddy was teaching her how to drive it, and it was hilarious. i'm just glad the christmas tree is still standing. talk about a lot of laughs as she kept going back and forth in such a small area. here are some pictures of her playing with all her pink possessions...well around 9:30am, we cooked breakfast for everyone at our house. jay made the best cheese grits, eggs, bacon, and toast. i couldn't help but sing, "there's a party in my tummy. so yummy, so yummy." it was delicious. everyone was still in their pajamas, and the kids were still so excited about what santa had brought them. i heart christmas morning.
after breakfast, the mabster and her cousin terri wanted to ride her new barbie jeep around in the backyard. we were all excited to see how this was going to play out. thank god for terri being a little older than the mabster so that she could be there to correct her mistakes and steer the wheel. at first the mabster was steering until they both realized that they were just going around in circles because the mabster drove with a hard cut to the right the whole time. it was funny. so the mabster ended up putting the pedal to the metal while her cousin terri drove. they made quite the team.