Tuesday, January 29, 2008


today was the worst case of morning sickness i have ever had. it started when i woke up at 5:30 am to tinkle when next thing i know i am yacking. it was weird. almost felt like a dream as i tried to pick up my pace and make it to the toilet considering i was still half asleep. it was unbearable. especially when you get to the point of dry-heaving because you've got nothing left in you.

so throughout the day, i did absolutely nothing but dwell in my misery. i just wanted to curl up in a ball on my couch, but of all days, abby made sure that i had to keep jumping up on my feet after her. sudden sit-ups. yack. munch on cheerios. yack.

i was soo lazy and in the funk that i wasn't quick enough to stop abby as she pulled my ipod of the base and threw it in the bathtub as she ran water over it. arrrgh, now my bubble bath play list is no more. it's fried.

lastly, i went out to dinner with the girls tonight. at first i wasn't sure if i was going to make it considering how horrible i was feeling. but i had cabin fever bad and had to get out. plus, yb was coming to pick me up and drive me so i was set. she will probably never volunteer to pick me up ever again because i almost yacked in her car. how embarrassing. but at least it was right as we pulled up to the place, and the car was stopped so i quickly opened the door and fertilized the pavement. oh, and thank you mp for my preggie pops. . .i've been sucking on them all night! even if it is a little phsychosomatic for me, they have helped. let's just hope that tomorrow will not be a repeat of today. please dear gawd on all things holy!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


well, abby bug got to enjoy her first snowfall here in the salty 'ham. we didn't think it would happen considering we woke up early in the morning in anticipation that the streets would be covered in snow, yet there was nothing but wetness. however later in the day around 10:00am, it snowed for about an hour which was enough for us to play in and take some silly pics. . .

for a minute i thought we were having a block party because everyone was outside playing in it. neighbors we hadn't seen in months were out and about, and it was fun catching up with them. the funniest thing though was watching the kids get pegged with snowballs by of course their own dads who were then, in return, getting yelled at by their wives if thrown too hard. overall, we had a great time if only for an hour. ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

my sweet mess

mommy must shower before she goes out into public.
so mommy closes the bathroom door and lets abby play.
what does she get into?
the bottom drawer that is filled with condoms, pads, and tampons.
then she proceeds to throw them in the bathtub and soak them in water.

does mommy jump out of the shower and correct this bad behavior?
nope. because mommy doesn't want to freeze her ass off when she figures she won't be using those items for at least another 9 months anyway, right? i mean obviously we weren't using those condoms! =P

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

an update on bebe' numero dos

so today jay and i went to our first doctor's appointment for our sweet baby #2. the visit seemed very quick and easy without a long wait so i was very pleased with that. as of today, i am 6 and half weeks along, and our due date is august 31, 2008 (right before football season kicks off, yay!). i go back on february 6th where they will do my ultrasound then once i am past the 8 week mark. they drew my lab work, changed my oil, and all that fun stuff considering this appointment was originally made since my annual was due.

so how am i feeling, you ask?. . .

there have been times where i feel completely normal and forget i am preggers as i stutter and say "sprite" instead of "sweet tea." then there are the times where i just feel SOO nauseous that i try to keep myself preoccupied and not think about it before i start hovering over the toilet. i pray that that does not become of me. i have also found that the harder i clench my teeth, nothing's going anywhere. i know i'm still so early in the game, and i never thought i would say this, but i hope these 9 months are slow ones. as crazy as it sounds, i love being knocked up! ;) i love how i can use the pregger card as i please, and i love the fact that i will be huge in the summer because all my phat arse wants to do is play in the lake and soak up some good ole vitamin D.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

cinderellie, cinderellie!

well the holidays are over, but only till today could you tell at our house. i cleaned before we went out of town so that when we got back, the house would still look decent. that it did until the hubby came home on friday. . .it was like he walked through the door and exploded. suitcases, dirty laundry, computer bags, books, jackets were all mixed in with abby's new toys and the mess was everywhere. i know, i know, i can't point the finger directly on hubby because i am the same way. i detest unpacking suitcases!

so after sorting through dirty laundry crammed into two different suitcases, taking down every ounce of holiday spirit that filled our house, and knocking out disorganization room by room (yes, i even scrubbed the toilet on all fours). . .


i do not wish to do any more bitch work until spring cleaning, however, i seriously do not see this happening when i live with a toddler and her enabler. oh, and did i mention that elmo is finally relieved of his guard duty for the year? it was a tough job, but someone had to do it! ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

cheers to a new year!!

okay so i'm finally back home from spending some quality time with the hubby in cincinnati. the reason we went out there is because jay's company just got a new contract at one of the facilities, and they needed his help with the whole setting up process. luckily, jay asked me to come along with him considering we didn't want to be apart when the new year rolled in. this is one of the 50 million reasons why i love his company. . .see depending on the city and how sweet i am to hubby ;), he lets me come along and it's kinda like a mini-vaca for us. it was the best "me" down time i've had in a very long time. the location was great because our hotel was right beside a mall, so while jay went into work during the day, i took advantage of all the gift cards i received for christmas and went shopping. what more could a girl ask for, right!? oh, and did i mention that my family watched abby bug for us so we felt completely stress free!

new year's eve was awesome even though i was the only sober one. i laughed my arse off repeatedly, and took numerous incriminating pictures of jay and his coworkers as they threw back a round of shots after another round. it was hilarious! i felt like i had a hangover the next day, yet i didn't touch a drop of alcohol. . .guess i was just feeling the vibes from everyone else. i had a blast, but now i am VERY relieved to be home again. back to a routine. back to my munchkin. back to sweet home alabama.