Wednesday, January 2, 2008

cheers to a new year!!

okay so i'm finally back home from spending some quality time with the hubby in cincinnati. the reason we went out there is because jay's company just got a new contract at one of the facilities, and they needed his help with the whole setting up process. luckily, jay asked me to come along with him considering we didn't want to be apart when the new year rolled in. this is one of the 50 million reasons why i love his company. . .see depending on the city and how sweet i am to hubby ;), he lets me come along and it's kinda like a mini-vaca for us. it was the best "me" down time i've had in a very long time. the location was great because our hotel was right beside a mall, so while jay went into work during the day, i took advantage of all the gift cards i received for christmas and went shopping. what more could a girl ask for, right!? oh, and did i mention that my family watched abby bug for us so we felt completely stress free!

new year's eve was awesome even though i was the only sober one. i laughed my arse off repeatedly, and took numerous incriminating pictures of jay and his coworkers as they threw back a round of shots after another round. it was hilarious! i felt like i had a hangover the next day, yet i didn't touch a drop of alcohol. . .guess i was just feeling the vibes from everyone else. i had a blast, but now i am VERY relieved to be home again. back to a routine. back to my munchkin. back to sweet home alabama.


Yankee Belle said...

Happy New Year!!! =)