Tuesday, January 22, 2008


well, abby bug got to enjoy her first snowfall here in the salty 'ham. we didn't think it would happen considering we woke up early in the morning in anticipation that the streets would be covered in snow, yet there was nothing but wetness. however later in the day around 10:00am, it snowed for about an hour which was enough for us to play in and take some silly pics. . .

for a minute i thought we were having a block party because everyone was outside playing in it. neighbors we hadn't seen in months were out and about, and it was fun catching up with them. the funniest thing though was watching the kids get pegged with snowballs by of course their own dads who were then, in return, getting yelled at by their wives if thrown too hard. overall, we had a great time if only for an hour. ;)


Yankee Belle said...

Yeay for snow! Next time we need a foot of it!