Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"fight or flight"

so let me paint a picture for you. . .it's around 3:45 in the morning and all is right in the world until out of nowhere the sky falls out. it's raining, and it's raining hard. the wind is blowing so hard our windows are moaning, and it's lightening as if we were in a night club dancing to disco inferno. (i'm just glad i'm not epileptic, or i'd be in seizure mode for sure.)

so all of this happens as if someone had just snapped their finger and said, "chaos begins now." the tornado sirens are blaring, and i jump out of bed in a pure state of panic. i start screaming at poor hubby, "tornado sirens, tornado sirens!!" what does hubby do? he makes a mad sprint (butt naked and all) and grabs the mabster out of her crib as he runs downstairs to the basement. he was in full "fight or flight" mentality. i, on the other hand, was still half asleep (but yes, adrenaline was pumping through my veins as well) trying to turn the tv on in the dark so that i could see what the news stations had to report. then, i ran downstairs (yes, barefoot and pregnant) and told hubby to watch the news as i waited with the mabster who had no idea why daddy pulled her up from her sweet slumber.

okay, so all in all, this whole event made me think. . .i am no longer hubby's #1 girl who he feels he needs to protect. it's the mabster. she's daddy's little girl, and mommy can fend for herself. kinda sweet, but i swear to god if a real tornado had come and i was left upstairs, i'm gonna haunt his ass like nobody's business!

Friday, February 22, 2008

wanna-be photographers

so the hubby has like 50 million hobbies. since day one, he always has. he just doesn't "play" them, but becomes addicted to them till he masters them one by one. and while at times i have bitched about some of them, i really am glad that he has them and looks forward to enjoying them with or without me. i must admit that some of them not only benefit him, but more so me. of course those kinds are the ones i really encourage him to do. heehee.

for example, i scrapbook like crazy and at one point in my life, my camera was glued to my hands at all times. hell, who am i kidding, it still is. so a couple of months before the mabster was born, hubby decided that he'd invest in a nice camera considering how much we enjoy taking pictures, and our life as a family was about to begin. he's got the whole set up thanks to family as holiday gifts. well a couple of weekends ago, we went out to the botanical gardens to take pics of my pregger twinkie and her hubby. the pics turned out great, and we got a couple of the mabster too. the first one is her "blue steel" pose from zoolander. . .

next, the mabster is just straight chillin' taking in the wonderful scenery. . .

and the last one is my favorite. daddy taught her how to do this, and she thinks it's hysterical. mommy? not so much. especially when spit has been sprayed all over the backseat and window in my car.

Friday, February 15, 2008


so we went bowling last night for valentine's day, and i woke up this morning sore. is that sad or what? my left butt cheek had a strange feeling to it if i angled my leg a certain way, and i couldn't figure out why. yep, it was the 6 games we played back to back. funny thing is that it was also league night, but luckily we got there early and snagged an open lane. we had two 80-year-old women bowling strike after strike to the left of us, and the hansons playing to the right of us. jay and i couldn't help but sing "mmm bop" the whole time. the youngest hanson was my favorite. every time he said something his voice ridiculously cracked like peter brady's. i just loved it, and found myself eavesdropping on their conversations just to hear it happen. i think i would love being a 5-6th grade teacher for the mere fact of hearing prepubescent boy's cracking voices all day long. it makes me giggle to myself. i don't know why.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

girls gone wild

so here's a pic of what we found our girls doing downstairs when the daddies were suppose to be watching them. makes me wonder if they were paying more attention to their poker hands or the girls? but i can't be too hard on the dads because afterall, at least they were looking out for their safety by putting lifejackets on them. i mean hell, who knows how deep that water is, right!?

my tiny dancer

the mabster makes me laugh. she makes me proud. she makes me nervous. if she's anything like her mother was in her college days of grinding on daddy in the wee hours of the morning at the music hall, well we're in trouble. but nonetheless, she's just a sweet innocent toddler dancing to a good beat. notice how she brushes her hair back with both arms right as the "pour some sugar on me" chorus begins. typical woman. yep. that's right. she already knows how to tease but no please. and hey, who says that at the ripe age of 18 months that she's still too young for dance classes, are you kidding me!?

busy busy.

so i've been super busy this week, and abby has decided to boycott her naps which makes for no play time on the internet for mommy. if i don't get my two hour fix of computer time while she naps, i get irritable. well, i finally got a chance to catch up on these mommy blogs, and i love it. i never realized how much this crap provides a sense of happiness and balance. everybody has new posts and it just excites me to read about what my bitches are up to eventhough i see them practically every other day. overall, mommy blogs = contentment.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

our sweet baby bean #2

today we went to my monthly prenatal visit, and also had an ultrasound done. the doc said everything looks good, and i am right on track as far as being 10 weeks and 3 days along. i actually lost a pound and a half due to my yucky food aversions and morning sickness, but i'm sure i will gain that back in no time, hehe. luckily though, i was told that i should start feeling better as the first trimester is winding down. i am pretty excited about that because after last week, i already feel 10x better!
furthermore, i just love watching my ultrasounds. we brought abby with us so that she could see her future little brother or sister that is growing in mommy's belly. it was soo sweet. she just kept pointing at the screen saying "that" as our little bean just jumped around and waved it's tiny little hands. then we got to hear the heartbeat. it was a fast one at 170. . .that little jumping bean was going crazy, man am i going to have my hands full! i think that is jay's favorite. his face just lights up and so does mine. it's funny. it doesn't sink in to me that i'm actually pregnant till i hear the heartbeat and see it on the screen. i have been on cloud nine all day. it is starting to set in and become more real. and after last weekend of holding random mommy's little cam, i realized just how bad i want this new little baby in our lives. i know i'm a huge sap, but damn i love me some babies!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

punxsutawney phil

well, it looks like the damn groundhog saw it's shadow this year. no early spring, but yet another 6 more weeks of wintry cold. kinda bums me out. just when i think it's gonna warm up outside, it drops 20 degrees the next day. i just want to be able to walk out the door without making sure the mabster and i are wearing warm coats. . .hell i'm lieing. i want to be able to wear babydoll tops with shorts and flip-flops. i want an excuse to get biweekly pedicures. i want a perpetual tan that makes me feel pretty because afterall, tan fat is better than white fat. =P oh well, with alabama weather, who knows!? it may warm up sooner than 6 weeks. a girl can wish!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


so hubby likes to read the mommy message board. he likes to know what us women gossip about even if it is celebrity filth. it doesn't really bother me until he starts talking about posts that i haven't read yet. anywayz, long story short, he read a post about some of the mom's looking for a cleaning lady and talking about prices. i had not read the post yet so when jay walks through the door and says, "i think i'll get you a cleaning lady for your birthday. $85 isn't so bad, and once you start getting big, it's gonna be hard for you to bend over." i was speechless. i tried not to pounce on him to let him know how much i love him. instead, i stood there trying to keep a straight face and said, "well if that's the way you feel, i think it's a good idea." holy crap!! seriously!?! hells to the yeah, i was beyond ecstatic!

but my next thought was, "is he feeling okay? crap, i should have got that in writing!" can't wait to see how this one pans out.

sweet baby jesus!!

dearest my dear ipod,
oh how i love you let me count the ways. i was devasted at the thought that the mabster had so violently killed you while attempting to drown you in the tub. i did not lose hope on you though. i rescued you up as quick as my hands could carry you. with shrieks of pain and tears in my eyes, i dried you off as quickly as possible and prayed that if only you would air out, you would return to me. a couple of days have passed so i gave you one last try. i reunited you with your base and started pushing your buttons. nothing. nothing on your screen appeared. i did not give up. i believe in you. i have worked way too hard to download all of your cheesy 80s big haired bands, r&b songs, and everything inbetween. it's not fair. i am lost without you. i do not know how to take a shower without you singing in happiness. so i wait. i give you one last try. . .

you start working. seriously!? yes, yes you ARE working!! how appropriate that you start midway to mariah carey's "i can't live if living is without you." i scream. i giggle. i do a happy dance. i love you.