Friday, February 15, 2008


so we went bowling last night for valentine's day, and i woke up this morning sore. is that sad or what? my left butt cheek had a strange feeling to it if i angled my leg a certain way, and i couldn't figure out why. yep, it was the 6 games we played back to back. funny thing is that it was also league night, but luckily we got there early and snagged an open lane. we had two 80-year-old women bowling strike after strike to the left of us, and the hansons playing to the right of us. jay and i couldn't help but sing "mmm bop" the whole time. the youngest hanson was my favorite. every time he said something his voice ridiculously cracked like peter brady's. i just loved it, and found myself eavesdropping on their conversations just to hear it happen. i think i would love being a 5-6th grade teacher for the mere fact of hearing prepubescent boy's cracking voices all day long. it makes me giggle to myself. i don't know why.