Sunday, February 3, 2008

punxsutawney phil

well, it looks like the damn groundhog saw it's shadow this year. no early spring, but yet another 6 more weeks of wintry cold. kinda bums me out. just when i think it's gonna warm up outside, it drops 20 degrees the next day. i just want to be able to walk out the door without making sure the mabster and i are wearing warm coats. . .hell i'm lieing. i want to be able to wear babydoll tops with shorts and flip-flops. i want an excuse to get biweekly pedicures. i want a perpetual tan that makes me feel pretty because afterall, tan fat is better than white fat. =P oh well, with alabama weather, who knows!? it may warm up sooner than 6 weeks. a girl can wish!


Becca said...

UGH! My thoughts EXACTLY!!!!

Julia said...

I totally agree!!!

I just realized that you were PG again... DUH! I can't believe YOU and KARLA are PG at the sametime. Congrats to you, again!!!!! <3

btw, I have a blog too.

I haven't updated in forever, but I do sometimes :)

Kim said...

yay julia, i'm glad you found me on here! now i get to read your blogs too! ;)