Saturday, February 2, 2008

sweet baby jesus!!

dearest my dear ipod,
oh how i love you let me count the ways. i was devasted at the thought that the mabster had so violently killed you while attempting to drown you in the tub. i did not lose hope on you though. i rescued you up as quick as my hands could carry you. with shrieks of pain and tears in my eyes, i dried you off as quickly as possible and prayed that if only you would air out, you would return to me. a couple of days have passed so i gave you one last try. i reunited you with your base and started pushing your buttons. nothing. nothing on your screen appeared. i did not give up. i believe in you. i have worked way too hard to download all of your cheesy 80s big haired bands, r&b songs, and everything inbetween. it's not fair. i am lost without you. i do not know how to take a shower without you singing in happiness. so i wait. i give you one last try. . .

you start working. seriously!? yes, yes you ARE working!! how appropriate that you start midway to mariah carey's "i can't live if living is without you." i scream. i giggle. i do a happy dance. i love you.


I'm a Mom!..? said...

Happy Day! Can you imagine life without a beloved Ipod! Way to go Apple for making them "Toddler Proof"

Kim said...

i second that!!