Sunday, March 30, 2008

final reassurance

so i took all of ya'lls advice, found my sweet old lady (margie)'s number via caller id, and gave her a call today. i was nervously excited. . .the phone rang 3 times before she answered. the conversation went like this:

sweet old lady - "hello"
me- "yes, may i speak to jason (just a random name)?"
sweet old lady - "he's not here."
me - "okay, thank you!" (with a grin from ear to ear)

yes, you've read that right. she actually responded with "he's not here." i couldn't believe it. i can't come up with a more appropriate or funnier response even if i wanted to. my conscious was content. i have now told myself that she must have had lasik surgery done on her eyes, and now she can dial the correct numbers and not mine. makes me think that if i ever went back into nursing, maybe i'd choose the path of geriatrics. old people just crack me up!


K-Mom said...

What a relief! You know, I think everyone on this earth has a guardian are Margie's.

Here's hoping she still calls you every once in a while and her bowel movements remain regular!

Mommapeas said...

Oh thank goodness! I've been thinking about her since K-Mom posted on board other day. Bless Margie's little heart.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

So glad!!!