Wednesday, March 12, 2008

showered out!

looks like all of my old college friends have decided to either get married or get knocked up all at the same time. usually this occurs in waves. for example, every two years you can about guarantee that there's a string of weddings back to back during the season. well this year has counted down two years since the last string of weddings which now means that everyone is starting to reproduce, all while there are still the other couples who have decided that they too would now like to jump on the marriage train.

so with that said, this past weekend concluded the 4th weekend straight of either a baby or bridal shower that i had to attend. it was getting ridiculous. lingerie shower friday night, bachelorette party saturday night, and a baby shower on sunday. everyone knows that even if you spend a minimum of $30 per gift, that shit gets pricey. but nonetheless, my policy is that it's all about reciprocity. . .if you once came to celebrate me, i'll celebrate you. that's what good bitches are for, right?

furthermore, i have never craved alcohol as bad as i have with this pregnancy. everywhere i go, everywhere i turn, there is a glass of something deliciously delicious just screaming at me to drink, drink, drink. i understand that it's a given to have a bountiful supply of booze at bridal parties, i do. but when i walk up to a baby shower where they're throwing mimosas my way, temptation is more than i can handle. i'm not kidding when i say that once i pop this puppy out, i'm going on a drinking binge. thank god for pump and dump, eh!? =P


"MommaDrool" said...

I am experienced when it comes to "pumping and dumping!" I will buy you your first drink once you have this baby...might even bring a pitcher of mojitos to the hospital : )

Kim said...

and that is why i love you mommadrool!!