Thursday, March 27, 2008

sorry, you have the wrong number.

so i have a sweet senile old lady that calls my house usually every day for the past 6 months, if not longer. her name is margaret and she is sweet, but super random. she claims that she is calling her friend, but accidentally dials the wrong number considering there is a one digit difference between mine and her's. so no prob. i just answer the phone (sometimes 3 times back to back) to let her know that she has the wrong number. i can't even think of how many times this has happened only to hear her reply back that she is an 83-year-old woman that can't see the numbers she is dialing. again, no prob. the funniest thing about my sweet old lady is that if i don't answer the phone quick enough, she will leave long ass voicemails about her bowel movements and church (yes, all within the same sentence). seriously. i'm not kidding. and oh boy, she holds nothing back. i never thought a bm could be so easily visualized until i heard her descriptions. her voicemails crack me up. i honestly feel like i know this little old lady after hearing her rant about her daily routines for so long.

okay so here's the problem. . .i haven't heard from my poor sweet senile old lady in over a week! (gasp) is it crazy to actually be concerned about her well-being, and i've never even met her? is it crazy that her voicemails might have been the highlight of my day? should i call margaret and check up on her? i feel a void in my life right now. sadly, i am hoping that she calls me tomorrow only for me to say, "sorry, you have the wrong number" with a sense of relief and smile on my face.


Mommapeas said...

Call Margie and ask for me, then apologize for having the wrong number. Then, at least you'll know she's ok.

Mommy in Alabama said...

Ha, that's great! We have a lady from church that goes down the church directory and calls everyone in the book. If you don't answer honestly she will call 6 or 7 times in one night! I would call her. If she can't see to dial the right number then if she has caller ID she definately won't be able to see who called her!

K-Mom said...

Oh No! I hope Margie is a weird way, it's good that she has all these strangers out here rootin' for her to have a quality bowel movement.

If you don't hear from her today, I would call and ask for mommapeas. You'll get the piece of mind you need. you're so sweet to worry about her.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

This reminds me of Seinfeld, when Elaine has to pretend to be the little boys Gammy.... Anyone remember that?

Anyway, you should call.