Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my nephew, carson, is coming!!

so my twinkie just called me and informed me that she just got back from her doctor's appointment and is now FOUR CM DILATED!! holyhell!! (expression stolen by yb) she's gonna pop out my godson any day now! oooohh, i'm SOO excited! i just want to hold him already, and take 50 million pics of the mabster holding him as she repeatedly says, "ba bee."

but my twinkie is hoping that carson doesn't come until after saturday because this is when her hubby's MBA graduation is, and she doesn't want to miss it. her next appointment is friday, and from there her doc plans on inducing her next week so they get to pick a day. i can't wait to be by her side and coach her like she did for me when i popped out the mabster. my job will be holding up one of her legs. . .how exciting!! lol

Monday, April 28, 2008

the lake

this past weekend we went to the lake and had a great time. the girls (the mabster and lil B) went fishing with their daddies and rode on the boat all day on saturday. they said the girls were running up and down the pier and had so much fun dipping their feet in the water. well, sunday rolls along, and i got to witness it for myself. i thought it was just the cutest thing, but i realized just how much more overprotective i am than jay. i was soo nervous the whole time while watching them. every second i was like, "don't run, it's wet," or "don't get too close to the water or you'll fall in." granted the girls were wearing their life jackets, but i think i've just watched too many "rescue 911" episodes growing up. i'd catch myself imagining the worst case scenario, and guesstimating how long it'd take me to hike up all of those steps with a toddler in my arms being breathless and pregnant.

but atlas, there were no stories worth mentioning, but a good time (thank god). oh, and did i mention that the mabster accidentally dropped lil B's pink fishing pole in the lake? smith lake just swallowed it whole like a dead man's body (lol). i felt horrible about it, but it was pretty funny watching the dads trying to fish for a miniature fishing pole. they weren't successful with reeling it in, so tonight after dinner, we headed to target to get both of the girls a little floating fishing rod. . .why didn't we think of this sooner?! furthermore, we love our weekends at the lake. now that the water's warming up nicely, i can't wait to just float around all day. we love the company so if you're reading this, come up any time. we'll be there EVERY weekend!

p.s. after we got home late on sunday night, dear hubby made me some yummy spaghetti. yes, he has redeemed himself. . .for now. =P

Friday, April 25, 2008

"she's fine"... ohhh no she's not!

we eat dinner at hubby's nan's house every thursday. however tonight, it coincided with sips and strokes and there's no way i'm going to miss a mom's night out with TBDMGE. so i told hubby to be sure to bring me home some leftovers (spaghetti) because i knew after painting and getting home late, i'd probably be hungry. so i get home and expect to heat up my yummy much anticipated leftovers because after all, working on a masterpiece all night can make a preggo lady feel famished. i was excited. i could taste it in my mouth on the car ride home. so i get home and ask hubby where's my food? he said there wasn't any left so he didn't bring me home any. i straight up called him a lie and thought that he was just messing around with me. nope. he was serious. he smiles because he knows that i can read right through him, and he was about to feel my wrath.

i can just picture nan asking hubby, "do you want to bring some home for kimmie?" and him replying, "nah, she's fine" just because he was too lazy to put it together for me. he knows he will pay for this. instead i made myself some uh-so-wonderful ramen noodles which can't compete to homemade spaghetti. there are certain things that you can get away with forgetting. one of these things is NOT forgetting to bring your pregnant wife home something to eat. i am already scheming an evil ploy against him. payback's a bitch.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sleepless in g'dale

me + retail therapy = too excited to sleep (i actually have clothes that fit right).

me + big glass of sweet tea at dinner = wide awake at 3:00am.

me + growing belly = severe indigestion.

me + severe indigestion = uncomfortableness upon laying down.

me + uncomfortableness upon laying down = sleepless in g'dale.

it's gonna be a looong remaining 4 months. . .god help us all.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

our last day in marco

sniff, sniff. so as much as i'm excited to get home to see everyone, i am sad to know that we have to leave this place. this post may be a little sentimental and mushy, but that's how i'm feeling right now so i'm just going with it.

okay so here's the history behind marco island, florida. this is the place that jay's nan use to live before her hubby (grandad) passed away almost 9 years ago. she still owns this condo, but chose to move to alabama to be closer to family considering her heart conditions were flaring up. well, jay and i have been together for a little over 8 years now. i met him shortly after he suffered through the death of his grandad, and i promise you, if anything has made such an impact on jay, it was losing his hero. grandad was everything jay wanted to be. he'd spend every summer here with grandad and nana, and he looked up to grandad in every aspect of life.

well, the first time jay took me here to marco, he shared with me the letter that grandad had left for everyone to read once he was gone. see grandad was diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer and died 6 months later. let's just say wow. at that time, i had never seen jay cry till then. it is something i will never forget. i couldn't believe that he shared something so precious to him with me, and allowed me to see his vulnerable side. i knew then that i was going to marry that boy. it still feels like yesterday, even though it was 8 years ago. i'm serious when i say the only time i have ever seen jay cry is because he misses his grandad, and it's usually when we're down here.

okay so enough mush. another reason this place will always be so special to us is because this is where jay proposed to me 5 years ago. he was fishing along the sea wall while i was swimming, and asked me to walk with him. he was soo incredibly nervous, yet i had no idea. next thing i know, he's down on one knee and mumbling something. i just freaked out, dropped to my knees, and squealed like a little school girl. obviously, i said yes, and then we headed back up to the condo where nan had a bottle of the bubbly waiting for us. ahhhh, memories. so this is why this place means so much to us. i believe jay specifically proposed to me in marco because he wanted to share with me just how special this place truly is. job well done. i couldn't have imagined any thing better. goodnight marco and goodbye, we'll see you next year!

Friday, April 18, 2008

marco vaca day 6

today we all overslept till about 9:30am (thanks to the mabster). then we ate breakfast and headed to the pool. the mabster got bored at the pool after a couple of hours so we walked over to the beach and let her play in the sand in the shade while jay and i challenged each other in a game of volleyball. we love us some volleyball. in college, we put together a co-ed team within the intramural sports, and we waxed everyone. it was great. i use to set the ball up for a mean spike from jay. after we won the championship, i knew i'd keep him around eventhough he use to always make soo much fun of me while playing. i told myself that he was just jealous of my mad skills so it never bothered me.

oops, i've seemed to go off subject. . .anywayz, today was an extremely lazy day. i guess we're already starting to wind down knowing that we have to go back to reality soon. one more whole day left. the thought saddens me, but i am looking forward to my routine life of playgroups with our playmates and mom's night outs. the mabster looks at pics of her friends on the computer and tries to say their names. i know she misses them and is probably sick of hanging out with momma and dada. i could have sworn that i heard her ask where her midgets are. i told her that we'll see them soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

marco vaca day 5

okay so this blog is going to be super short because i am super tired. today was fun and very eventful. we went to tiger tail beach and played all day long. we rented a little cabana with chairs and i got to lay out while munchkin and dada played in the sand. then, hubby rented an electrical bumper boat for 30 minutes, and the mabster and hubby just cruised around for 20 minutes before abby lost interest and started screaming "out." i'll be honest, i'm surprised she lasted that long. the attention span of a 2-year-old is close to nothing. after playing all day, it was nap time. abby slept close to 4 hours, and i slept for 3. . .it was great.
furthermore, hubby got drunk today, and i got sooo jealous. isn't it enough that the women carry the baby in their wound for 9 months so shouldn't the men at least be the ones on booze restrictions? we're the ones who NEED the drink anyway. hehe, but we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here, and last year we both took down 3 huge margaritas at dinner. they were stout and it was nice. i wanted to relive that, but little lyla kicked me and reminded me that i couldn't. anywayz, swim, eat, nap, swim, eat, (hubby went fishing), and now it's night-night time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

marco vaca day 4

my kid is turning into a popsicle. it's all she wants right now. i think since we have been here, she has eaten at least 4 a day. she'll run to the fridge, and she knows which side door to open as she screams "pop. . .ickle." it's her new favorite word. at first we thought it was super cute, "awwww, look at her. she wants another popsicle." now it is pretty annoying. we've already gone through one box of them, and hubby had to make a special trip to the store for another box. he was stoked to show me that they make "long lasting slow melt" popsicles so she doesn't end up wearing half of it. so as soon as he walks through the door, here's the mabster screaming, "pop-ickle, pop-ickle!!" so to the balcony we go to watch the boats go by as she slurps down her yummy icy goodness.

on a side note: as we were walking on the sea wall today right before sunset, we saw dolphins swimming beside us. there were tons of them every where, and it took my breath away. i mean they were like 2 feet away from us! they would swim in pairs and rotate who's fin would pop up first. i caught a couple of pics on my slowly dieing camera so i'll have to upload them later. overall, the highlights of today were popsicles and dolphins. i wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

marco vaca day 3

today we woke up early and headed to the nearby park. the mabster was hyper as hell and running around everywhere. she'd go down the big kid slide, climb back up it, and then go back down, but this time backwards. well when it's just me and her at playgroups with TBDMGE, her doing this makes me nervous. some of the slides are super steep with big drop offs so if i'm at the top of the slide with her, nobody's there to catch her at the other end. but today daddy was there, and thank gawd!! he ran around with her all throughout the mazes and slid down the slides with her. granted, i know i can do this on my own, but at this stage, i'm playing my pregger card so i just sat back and watched. after they wore each other out, we headed for lunch, and then the beach.

the mabster is much better at the beach this year than she was last. for example, she knows not to eat the shells and sand. last year, i practically had to pull a hermit crab out of her mouth and tell her "yuck!" this year, she is a big girl. she sat so sweetly on her towel and played for over an hour with her bucket and toys. one thing that we noticed about her that made us laugh, was that she did not like her feet to touch the sand while sitting so she sat on her bum-bum with her legs straight up in the air. it was a hoot. i took pics of everything (surprise), but my camera is goofing up at the moment. i know it sucks. talk about a scrapbooker and blogger's worst nightmare. oh well, maybe after it rests tonight, it will magically work for me tomorrow. or maybe it's a sign that i take way too many pics. . .no, no, that can't be it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

marco vaca day 2

so today's my birthday (yay me!), and this trip in general is my bday present from the hubby. well of course i am very thankful, but i couldn't help but to play my "extra nice" card and ask for a massage while we are down here. hubby's a sucker for my extra nice card so he agreed. this is why i love him so much.

well, i walk into the place and my massage therapist was there to greet me at the door. based upon physical appearance, i knew i was going to get a good one. she was tall and stocky, built like a buick. looked as if she could give a mean massage just the way i like'em. i like deep pressure, not some tickle of a massage that i have experienced before by some short, skinny, petite gal.

so she asks me how far along am i with my pregnancy, and i tell her 5 months. then she proceeds to tell me that there are some pressure points on my feet that she will avoid because if stimulated too much, i could go into early labor. . .i about jumped off the table and went back home. after she showed me where, i told her to just skip my feet altogether. i wasn't about to take any chances.

so she is massaging my arm and then starts down my hand. she says, "looks like you are starting to retain some water." i told her nope, that's where i maliciously got stung by a bee twice yesterday, and it is still swollen and sore. she said that it must have hurt. at this point, i was already half way through the massage, and didn't care for conversation. i was feeling good and the thought of that damn bee sting was not going to break my euphoria so i remained quiet.

okay so last thing i promise. i've heard of people getting butt massages, but i'll be honest, the thought of someone else's hands going anywhere near my "no man's land" made me extremely uncomfortable. i've heard horror stories about this kinda stuff. so she starts patting my butt, and the first thing i thought of was, "how did she know it's my birthday?!" i felt like i was getting my birthday spankings. sadly, i was actually enjoying it. i was soo relaxed that i was worried that my anal sphincter would let loose completely and i'd pass gas right infront of bessie's face. i held tight (literally), and the massage was over. it was wonderful and worth every penny. thank you hubby, thank you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

marco vaca day 1

went to the pool this morning, ate me a ham and rye bread sandwhich, and got stung by a bee as i was picking up the mabster. it hurt like a bitch. i yelped like a puppy getting his tail stepped on, and some sweet old lady came running over with some ice to numb the pain. (again, i love sweet old ladies.) i haven't gotten stung by a bee in over 20 something years. maybe i'm just a super poon now that my uterus has expanded, and i'm carrying around all this extra estrogen, but damn it hurt. my whole hand is tender and swollen, and it's been like that for hours. i'm just glad i got stung and not the mabster because hubby can definitely handle my whining, but i'm not sure if we could handle the poor mabster's. . .and i don't even think two boxes of popsicles could make the hurt go away. she's taking a nap now so i figured i'd blog. we're gonna grill out later tonight, and i'm bringing a damn fly swatter with me. these fierce bees ain't got nothing on my hormonal ass. overall, the weather's sunny and warm here so i can't complain. miss you all!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

the results are in. . .

whew, today has been an amazing day. we just got back from a family dinner where we announced to both sides who will be joining us in late august, and guess what!?. . .

it's another sweet baby GIRL!!!!!

we found out this afternoon around 2:30pm, and while on the drive to our doctor's appointment, i looked over at jay and told him that if we heard carrie underwood's "all-american girl" (i love that song) on the radio that it was a sign that we were going to have a girl. . .sure enough the next song that played was that one, and i just knew! i think it's funny how god gives us those little signs. the majority of the fam wanted another sweet girl so we like to think we delivered just for them. jay said that he is definitely going to be outnumbered now, and that he needs to seriously start saving up for those 2 weddings in the future. haha, poor boy. us, women, are going to run this house. . .he doesn't stand a chance! =P

we are both very excited, and can't wait to meet her. we're naming her "Lyla Scarlett," and the sisters will be 2 years and a month apart. baby lyla is doing great. she weighs 11 oz. and her heart rate was a strong 150. i can already feel her moving around in my belly, and i just love it!

okay, so i have rambled enough. . .now it's time to put all this energy into finishing laundry and packing for our babymoon #2 to the beach. it's a much needed vacation, and we can't wait to share it with our girls. this may be our last vaca before she gets here so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as our crazy ride through parenthood continues. two kids should be VERY interesting to say the least!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

what is "it?"

i am SOO incredibly anxious right now, i can't stand it! the reason is because we find out tomorrow what baby number 2 is. . .boy or girl. our appointment is at 1:30pm, and we are telling both sides of our family (while also celebrating my birthday a little early) at dinner at 7:30pm. i think those six hours in between are going to feel like forever. oooooh, i can't freakin' wait!!

so i'm sure some of ya'll are wanting to ask, "what do ya'll think it is?" well i'll be honest, since day one, i always felt strongly that it might be a boy. the reason is because this pregnancy is SOO incredibly different than when i was carrying the mabster. granted i know that all pregnancies are different, but there is just something that makes me feel this way. i also like the idea of having one of each. i think it'll be hilarious to watch the mabster order her little brother around while making sure that he knows how to treat a lady.

on the other hand, another sweet baby girl would be awesome! i think the majority from both sides of our family either want or think that it's another girl. they keep saying, "we already know that ya'll make beautiful girls so we want another one." this is very flattering to me, and i must admit, i can totally see us with five mabsters running around this house! :) when you come to think of it, it's perfect too because they will be 2 years and a month apart so we automatically already have everything (clothes, toys, bedding, etc).

so now the waiting game begins. i have been completely patient with not trying to think about it too much up until this point. it's the day before we find out and i could very well lose my mind at any moment. i'm just in an unbelievable natural high right now with the thought that soon we can call baby number 2 it's proper name instead of saying "it." "it" will have an identity. if it's a girl, her name will be "Lyla Scarlett" and if it's a boy, his name will be "Parker Alwyne." both middle names are family names that we want to pass down. so guys, if anyone reads this before my next revealing blog after tomorrow night. . .

what do ya'll think "it" is?? :)