Monday, April 28, 2008

the lake

this past weekend we went to the lake and had a great time. the girls (the mabster and lil B) went fishing with their daddies and rode on the boat all day on saturday. they said the girls were running up and down the pier and had so much fun dipping their feet in the water. well, sunday rolls along, and i got to witness it for myself. i thought it was just the cutest thing, but i realized just how much more overprotective i am than jay. i was soo nervous the whole time while watching them. every second i was like, "don't run, it's wet," or "don't get too close to the water or you'll fall in." granted the girls were wearing their life jackets, but i think i've just watched too many "rescue 911" episodes growing up. i'd catch myself imagining the worst case scenario, and guesstimating how long it'd take me to hike up all of those steps with a toddler in my arms being breathless and pregnant.

but atlas, there were no stories worth mentioning, but a good time (thank god). oh, and did i mention that the mabster accidentally dropped lil B's pink fishing pole in the lake? smith lake just swallowed it whole like a dead man's body (lol). i felt horrible about it, but it was pretty funny watching the dads trying to fish for a miniature fishing pole. they weren't successful with reeling it in, so tonight after dinner, we headed to target to get both of the girls a little floating fishing rod. . .why didn't we think of this sooner?! furthermore, we love our weekends at the lake. now that the water's warming up nicely, i can't wait to just float around all day. we love the company so if you're reading this, come up any time. we'll be there EVERY weekend!

p.s. after we got home late on sunday night, dear hubby made me some yummy spaghetti. yes, he has redeemed himself. . .for now. =P


UAB mom said...

Kim I would be the same way you were and Chase would be right there with Jason! I think part of it is the nurse in us that makes us think "worst case!" Also the whole being a mom thing too!