Sunday, April 13, 2008

marco vaca day 1

went to the pool this morning, ate me a ham and rye bread sandwhich, and got stung by a bee as i was picking up the mabster. it hurt like a bitch. i yelped like a puppy getting his tail stepped on, and some sweet old lady came running over with some ice to numb the pain. (again, i love sweet old ladies.) i haven't gotten stung by a bee in over 20 something years. maybe i'm just a super poon now that my uterus has expanded, and i'm carrying around all this extra estrogen, but damn it hurt. my whole hand is tender and swollen, and it's been like that for hours. i'm just glad i got stung and not the mabster because hubby can definitely handle my whining, but i'm not sure if we could handle the poor mabster's. . .and i don't even think two boxes of popsicles could make the hurt go away. she's taking a nap now so i figured i'd blog. we're gonna grill out later tonight, and i'm bringing a damn fly swatter with me. these fierce bees ain't got nothing on my hormonal ass. overall, the weather's sunny and warm here so i can't complain. miss you all!


Yankee Belle said...

I was told tobacco works too. Next time, grab some of hubby's dip...ha! Miss you guys lots!