Monday, April 14, 2008

marco vaca day 2

so today's my birthday (yay me!), and this trip in general is my bday present from the hubby. well of course i am very thankful, but i couldn't help but to play my "extra nice" card and ask for a massage while we are down here. hubby's a sucker for my extra nice card so he agreed. this is why i love him so much.

well, i walk into the place and my massage therapist was there to greet me at the door. based upon physical appearance, i knew i was going to get a good one. she was tall and stocky, built like a buick. looked as if she could give a mean massage just the way i like'em. i like deep pressure, not some tickle of a massage that i have experienced before by some short, skinny, petite gal.

so she asks me how far along am i with my pregnancy, and i tell her 5 months. then she proceeds to tell me that there are some pressure points on my feet that she will avoid because if stimulated too much, i could go into early labor. . .i about jumped off the table and went back home. after she showed me where, i told her to just skip my feet altogether. i wasn't about to take any chances.

so she is massaging my arm and then starts down my hand. she says, "looks like you are starting to retain some water." i told her nope, that's where i maliciously got stung by a bee twice yesterday, and it is still swollen and sore. she said that it must have hurt. at this point, i was already half way through the massage, and didn't care for conversation. i was feeling good and the thought of that damn bee sting was not going to break my euphoria so i remained quiet.

okay so last thing i promise. i've heard of people getting butt massages, but i'll be honest, the thought of someone else's hands going anywhere near my "no man's land" made me extremely uncomfortable. i've heard horror stories about this kinda stuff. so she starts patting my butt, and the first thing i thought of was, "how did she know it's my birthday?!" i felt like i was getting my birthday spankings. sadly, i was actually enjoying it. i was soo relaxed that i was worried that my anal sphincter would let loose completely and i'd pass gas right infront of bessie's face. i held tight (literally), and the massage was over. it was wonderful and worth every penny. thank you hubby, thank you.


Yankee Belle said...

You are good. Had it been me, the woman would have been hit by a tornado whirlwinds. Ha!!! Happy Birthday! Are you guys home yet?!

Poodlehead said...

I love me some massages. I don't care what they pat and knead, just do it. And shouldn't it be referred to as "no woman's land"? ha!

And about that "extra nice card" you played. Is that a a particular job you do?

Kim said...

yes, it was. . .and a job well done!! =P

K-Mom said...

I don't like it when they talk to me while I'm getting into my zen moment...I have had the karate chops on my butt cheeks and it was kind of nice.

What I need to know is what does the "extra nice" card consist of? I need some fresh ideas to get Hubby to release the funds for things like massages and facials.

Happy Birthday!!! Glad to hear you're having such a nice time...bee sting excluded.

Mommapeas said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie! So glad you didn't poot and ruin the day!

Anonymous said...

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