Tuesday, April 15, 2008

marco vaca day 3

today we woke up early and headed to the nearby park. the mabster was hyper as hell and running around everywhere. she'd go down the big kid slide, climb back up it, and then go back down, but this time backwards. well when it's just me and her at playgroups with TBDMGE, her doing this makes me nervous. some of the slides are super steep with big drop offs so if i'm at the top of the slide with her, nobody's there to catch her at the other end. but today daddy was there, and thank gawd!! he ran around with her all throughout the mazes and slid down the slides with her. granted, i know i can do this on my own, but at this stage, i'm playing my pregger card so i just sat back and watched. after they wore each other out, we headed for lunch, and then the beach.

the mabster is much better at the beach this year than she was last. for example, she knows not to eat the shells and sand. last year, i practically had to pull a hermit crab out of her mouth and tell her "yuck!" this year, she is a big girl. she sat so sweetly on her towel and played for over an hour with her bucket and toys. one thing that we noticed about her that made us laugh, was that she did not like her feet to touch the sand while sitting so she sat on her bum-bum with her legs straight up in the air. it was a hoot. i took pics of everything (surprise), but my camera is goofing up at the moment. i know it sucks. talk about a scrapbooker and blogger's worst nightmare. oh well, maybe after it rests tonight, it will magically work for me tomorrow. or maybe it's a sign that i take way too many pics. . .no, no, that can't be it.