Wednesday, April 16, 2008

marco vaca day 4

my kid is turning into a popsicle. it's all she wants right now. i think since we have been here, she has eaten at least 4 a day. she'll run to the fridge, and she knows which side door to open as she screams "pop. . .ickle." it's her new favorite word. at first we thought it was super cute, "awwww, look at her. she wants another popsicle." now it is pretty annoying. we've already gone through one box of them, and hubby had to make a special trip to the store for another box. he was stoked to show me that they make "long lasting slow melt" popsicles so she doesn't end up wearing half of it. so as soon as he walks through the door, here's the mabster screaming, "pop-ickle, pop-ickle!!" so to the balcony we go to watch the boats go by as she slurps down her yummy icy goodness.

on a side note: as we were walking on the sea wall today right before sunset, we saw dolphins swimming beside us. there were tons of them every where, and it took my breath away. i mean they were like 2 feet away from us! they would swim in pairs and rotate who's fin would pop up first. i caught a couple of pics on my slowly dieing camera so i'll have to upload them later. overall, the highlights of today were popsicles and dolphins. i wonder what tomorrow will bring?


K-Mom said...

Miss Priss is a popsicle junkie, too.

Can't wait to see the pics of the dolphins, I've always found them to be so fascinating!

Mommapeas said...

Popsicles and dolphins...that sounds like a wonderful day!