Thursday, April 17, 2008

marco vaca day 5

okay so this blog is going to be super short because i am super tired. today was fun and very eventful. we went to tiger tail beach and played all day long. we rented a little cabana with chairs and i got to lay out while munchkin and dada played in the sand. then, hubby rented an electrical bumper boat for 30 minutes, and the mabster and hubby just cruised around for 20 minutes before abby lost interest and started screaming "out." i'll be honest, i'm surprised she lasted that long. the attention span of a 2-year-old is close to nothing. after playing all day, it was nap time. abby slept close to 4 hours, and i slept for 3. . .it was great.
furthermore, hubby got drunk today, and i got sooo jealous. isn't it enough that the women carry the baby in their wound for 9 months so shouldn't the men at least be the ones on booze restrictions? we're the ones who NEED the drink anyway. hehe, but we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here, and last year we both took down 3 huge margaritas at dinner. they were stout and it was nice. i wanted to relive that, but little lyla kicked me and reminded me that i couldn't. anywayz, swim, eat, nap, swim, eat, (hubby went fishing), and now it's night-night time.


K-Mom said...

I'm soooo envious! It sounds like you are having such a nice relaxing time! A 3-hour nap!!! Such decadence!

K-Mom said...

Oh..and yeah. It's totally uncool that the hubbies get to drink when we can't. At least I was able to take comfort in the fact that hubby gained some pregnancy weight with me!

Poor guy, he didn't stand a chance, really. He HAD to go with me when I wanted cheese enchiladas three nights out of the week and who's going to turn down ice cream everyday!

Kim said...

lol, yeah jay gained weight with me too when i was pregger with the mabster. but this go round he's going in the opposite direction. the bigger i get, the more he loses weight.

it bothers me when we go out to eat, and the waiter tries to deliver me the salad and him the huge hamburger when in actuality, it's reversed.