Friday, April 18, 2008

marco vaca day 6

today we all overslept till about 9:30am (thanks to the mabster). then we ate breakfast and headed to the pool. the mabster got bored at the pool after a couple of hours so we walked over to the beach and let her play in the sand in the shade while jay and i challenged each other in a game of volleyball. we love us some volleyball. in college, we put together a co-ed team within the intramural sports, and we waxed everyone. it was great. i use to set the ball up for a mean spike from jay. after we won the championship, i knew i'd keep him around eventhough he use to always make soo much fun of me while playing. i told myself that he was just jealous of my mad skills so it never bothered me.

oops, i've seemed to go off subject. . .anywayz, today was an extremely lazy day. i guess we're already starting to wind down knowing that we have to go back to reality soon. one more whole day left. the thought saddens me, but i am looking forward to my routine life of playgroups with our playmates and mom's night outs. the mabster looks at pics of her friends on the computer and tries to say their names. i know she misses them and is probably sick of hanging out with momma and dada. i could have sworn that i heard her ask where her midgets are. i told her that we'll see them soon.