Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my nephew, carson, is coming!!

so my twinkie just called me and informed me that she just got back from her doctor's appointment and is now FOUR CM DILATED!! holyhell!! (expression stolen by yb) she's gonna pop out my godson any day now! oooohh, i'm SOO excited! i just want to hold him already, and take 50 million pics of the mabster holding him as she repeatedly says, "ba bee."

but my twinkie is hoping that carson doesn't come until after saturday because this is when her hubby's MBA graduation is, and she doesn't want to miss it. her next appointment is friday, and from there her doc plans on inducing her next week so they get to pick a day. i can't wait to be by her side and coach her like she did for me when i popped out the mabster. my job will be holding up one of her legs. . .how exciting!! lol


I'm a Mom!..? said...

Babies, babies everywhere!!! How exciting.

K-Mom said...

Wish her all the best! Such exciting times!