Friday, April 25, 2008

"she's fine"... ohhh no she's not!

we eat dinner at hubby's nan's house every thursday. however tonight, it coincided with sips and strokes and there's no way i'm going to miss a mom's night out with TBDMGE. so i told hubby to be sure to bring me home some leftovers (spaghetti) because i knew after painting and getting home late, i'd probably be hungry. so i get home and expect to heat up my yummy much anticipated leftovers because after all, working on a masterpiece all night can make a preggo lady feel famished. i was excited. i could taste it in my mouth on the car ride home. so i get home and ask hubby where's my food? he said there wasn't any left so he didn't bring me home any. i straight up called him a lie and thought that he was just messing around with me. nope. he was serious. he smiles because he knows that i can read right through him, and he was about to feel my wrath.

i can just picture nan asking hubby, "do you want to bring some home for kimmie?" and him replying, "nah, she's fine" just because he was too lazy to put it together for me. he knows he will pay for this. instead i made myself some uh-so-wonderful ramen noodles which can't compete to homemade spaghetti. there are certain things that you can get away with forgetting. one of these things is NOT forgetting to bring your pregnant wife home something to eat. i am already scheming an evil ploy against him. payback's a bitch.


K-Mom said...

Hell yeah! What was DH thinking...not bringing a pregnant woman some homemade spaghetti. He must love livin' on the edge.

If he needs a place to lay low for awhile, I'm sure my Hubby will gladly offer. A similar situation in our house ended with a cheeseburger upside Hubby's head.

Not my proudest moment, but interestingly enough, I don't regret it either!

Yankee Belle said...

No way - Mr J?! I don't believe it!