Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sleepless in g'dale

me + retail therapy = too excited to sleep (i actually have clothes that fit right).

me + big glass of sweet tea at dinner = wide awake at 3:00am.

me + growing belly = severe indigestion.

me + severe indigestion = uncomfortableness upon laying down.

me + uncomfortableness upon laying down = sleepless in g'dale.

it's gonna be a looong remaining 4 months. . .god help us all.


Mommapeas said...

Well guess what Kimmy? You and I need to start having some serious slumber (or non-slumber) parties. I'm up all night too! You could scrapbook, I could sew, we could watch movies and eat junk. Sounds like fun to me!

Kim said...

girlfriend, i am there!! i need to catch up on my scrapbooking anyway and what better way to do it than with fun company. we could whine to each other all night, and curse at all of our ailments like a bunch of 80 y/o women. =P

Seis said...

My grandma told me that if you have bad heartburn when your pregnant than your baby will have a full head of hair. Mine was excrutiating. H was born looking like a blonde monkey. He had hair everywhere.

Kim said...

seis, i have heard that too. i had bad heartburn with abby too, and she was born with a headfull of hair. guess we'll find out soon.

K-Mom said...

I totally think there is something to the heartburn thing. I had it so bad, that I called the doctor crying one day because I ABSOLUTELY could not eat another TUMS...a few months later, Miss P arrived with a full head of dark hair.

I was a baldy with peach fuzz blonde hair.

I'll never forget...I said to the nurse, "Whose kid is that?"