Thursday, May 29, 2008

our girl's beach trip

i've been meaning to do a quick post about our girl's beach trip that we got back from right before memorial day, but things have just been super busy. now that most of the laundry has been caught up on, and the babies are asleep, i figured i'd do it yankee belle and i along with our sweet girls had an awesome time at pc beach. our stay was free thanks to yankee belle's family connections which made it that more enjoyable. the mabster and lil B acted like sisters throughout the whole trip. there were days when they hugged and loved each other every second, and then there were times when they'd have their little tiffs.we had a blast soaking up the sun while watching the girls play in the sand and swim with their floaties on. they were soo freakin' cute! the mabster has come a long way since her last beach trip. during the last one, we were lucky if she stayed in the pool for 10 minutes without getting bored and wanting to walk around. i think alot of it had to do with the fact that if lil B was doing it, she was too.
during our last day at the beach, we took the girls to gulf world. they loved looking at all the turtles, sharks, birds, stingrays, and sea lions, but the dolphins were their favorite. we even got to go backstage and take a picture of us shaking the dolphin's fins. that pic will definitely be scrapbooked. overall, the trip was a lot of fun. by the end of the week, we were all walking around the condo in our underwear sharing a bag of chips. just ask the girls, and they will tell you that we lived in complete comfort.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

G-U-M addict

so last trip to the beach, the mabster had a popsicle addiction. this time, it was gum. but this case was the worst. every five seconds, she'd ask for "gummie, gummie." i fell weak more than a couple of times and gave in. yankee belle and i even started spelling it out in hopes that both the mabster and lil B would not know what we are talking about. they caught on quick and kept demanding for another piece. i think the mabster has swallowed about 4 packs of trident gum in one week. she is a G-U-M addict, and i am her enabler. hubby insists that a family intervention should take place as soon as possible. he said that, "a family intervention is often the answer, the only answer. it can be done. it can be done now." wish us luck.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

tag, you're it!

I was tagged from i'm a mom. Here's the skinny.
Write six random things about yourself (surprisingly hard to think of...).

Here we go..
1. i smile and laugh alot. i can't help it. i do it when i'm happy, nervous, uncomfortable, excited, etc., except when i'm mad. you'll know when i'm mad.

2. i'm a very social person. always have been. i don't like to be the center of attention, but i like to know that i can mingle around a room with ease. i like being social, but not all the time. i love my alone "me" time just as much as a party out.

3. my biggest pet peeve (aka soapbox) is fakeness. i cannot stand fake, spiteful people. don't kiss my ass every time you see me when you're really talking smack behind my back. i can see right through the whole "killing me with kindness" bs. please. just stay away from me, and we'll get along just fine.

4. I played every sport growing up. from the age of 2 to 22, i was always in some sort of organized sporting activity. this doesn't mean i was awesome at all of them, but nonetheless, it was fun, and i really enjoyed the feeling of being on a "team." i miss those days. so does my girlish figure. =P

5. i love blonde-headed boys with blue eyes. guess that's why i married one. my twinkie and i always claimed that we were poca-hot-ass (heehee) looking for our john smith. i snagged up one because i knew he'd make me good-looking babies.

6. i love cheese. put cheese on top of anything, and i will eat it. especially cheddar because cheddar makes everything better. you'd think i'd be constipated all the time, but i swear my digestive system is immune to the amounts of my cheese intake.

So that's it, things you were dying to know about me and my sorted past. I'm tagging those of you who haven't done one yet because I need to know more random things about you.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

slip-n-slide madness!!

well, we just got back from an adult slip-n-slide party hosted by the wonderful seis. it was awesome! no kids, lots of booze and jello shots that unfortunately i could not partake in, and the biggest and baddest slip-n-slide i have ever seen. words cannot describe how awesome this thing was so i'll let the pictures show you.
the guys were attempting some crazy stuff. moves you've never seen before. they were going down the slip-n-slide backwards, head first, while turning flips. some were using flotation devices and other random things that may help their speed. some overshot the landing zone in the pool, and ended up with their backside plastered to the wooden fence. all of our hubbies were in full force acting like drunk idiots. of course, my jay was at the top of the list. he went down the slide with his swim trunks baring all. everyone thought that they were just falling off as he was sliding down, but i was positive that he did it on purpose. i know my hubby, and i know he likes to show off his ass. literally. he does it all the time given the opportunity. it was hilarious! luckily i got it on video. every time i watch it, i burst into song singing, "there's a bad moon arising." i was so proud. and to think, he's all mine.

Friday, May 16, 2008

so fresh and so clean...

so hubby got me a cleaning lady for mother's day, and i swear to you, it's the best gift i've ever received! lol. she's actually i'm a mom's cleaning lady, and she is a hoot. i'm a mom was right when she warned me that the cleaning lady loves kids, but she is a yapper. she showed up at our house on friday at 7:30am and left at 3:30pm. . .can you imagine 8 hours of cleaning!? eek, no way! i walked through the door, and the place was immaculate. she reassured me that now i can breathe easy because she just cleaned the blinds by hand, one by one. yeah, i've been meaning to do that. ya know, ever since we moved in 3 years ago. that alone makes her worth every penny. so since the house was SOO nice, i decided to go ahead and finish the last load of laundry. the mabster decided that she was going to help too. it's amazing how when something is done for you, it really motivates you to maintain it. now the mabster is mommy's new little helper. so now i wonder, is it considered child labor if they actually enjoy doing it?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

silly pawpaw and lola

my dad just bought himself a harley and now he is like a little kid again. when i first heard the news, i couldn't believe it. my family consists of all nurses so i was floored that my mother allowed it since we call people with motorcycles "organ donors." but he is happy so it makes my mother happy. and that's what i love. he even used the excuse that if he had one, it'd help them save money on gas. i think they just want to relive their youth of when they first met and use to go riding together all the time.

if you've ever met my parents, you'll find this hilarious. they're very traditional and hate spending too much money on something. so picturing my dad in old jeans, a black t-shirt, and a bandanna with my mom latched on behind him wearing all leather with high heel boots just makes me chuckle out loud and shake my head. jay wants to buy my mom a pink helmet. he too finds this hilarious, but encourages it every chance he gets. maybe we are making them feel old now that they are about to have 3 grandkids. could this be a mid-life crisis gone a little late?

so we asked my dad what he's naming his hog. he replied "maybell" (this is his pet name for my mom), then he said, "either way, one of them is going to kill me." god love'em!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

introducing my sweet godson/nephew. . .

carson! he arrived on thursday 5/8/08 at 8:24pm, and weighed in at 8 pounds even with a length of 20 inches long. he is just beautiful with his momma's eyes and his daddy's nose, lips, and cleft chin. it was a long day for both momma and baby, but they are both doing great.
karla was induced at 8am, and dilated slowly throughout the day. her cervix was being lazy, and carson was being stubborn. around 6:30pm, she dilated to 8cm where she stayed at until they decided to perform a c-section. the reason being is because little carson's heart rate kept significantly decelerating throughout the contractions. the only way to keep his heart rate high and strong was to have karla sit in an upright position.

so after the c-section was performed, they found out that baby carson was all tangled up in his umbilical cord. it was around his neck, arms, legs, everywhere. but the biggest concern was that his head and neck were not straight while the contractions were pushing him down, thus causing the bad decels. picture it like this: his head was touching his shoulder instead of being straight and midline which made for a very hard time trying to go down the canal. yeah, ouch. poor baby.

to make things worse, during the tail end of karla's surgery, her epidural started wearing off and she could feel everything. she said that she screamed, "it hurts, i can feel it!" as they were stapling her up. then she kicked up both of her legs as the doc and nurses looked at each other and said, "uh oh, that's not suppose to happen."

whew!! needless to say, it's over with and a healthy sweet baby boy is here with us. he is just beautiful, and abby adores him. she has been saying "bay bee" all weekend long as she makes a kissy sound. i am in love with another man, and i fight over anybody just to hold him. lastly, thank you everybody for all your thoughts and prayers. they have come a long way!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

carson's coming on thursday!!

here's a quick update on my future godson/nephew. . .well, my twinkie went to her last doctor's appointment today where they scheduled her induction for this thursday 5/8/08. this is the date that karla originally wanted because she said it's easy to memorize. yes, she is a dork just like me. :) she is still walking around 4 cm dilated, and her doctor can't believe that she hasn't gone into labor yet which i completely agree! carson is definitely snuggly and warm in there.

so i'm guessing my next blog will be about the birth of sweet baby carson. i'll have my camera ready for lots of pics! how freakin' exciting, i'm going to be "tita (filipino meaning "aunt") kimmie" and have my very own godson to spoil. please everybody keep her and the baby in your prayers all day on thursday. if i have your cell phone number, you will definitely be getting a mass text message during the time of his arrival. love you all!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

our weekend in review

this weekend was a relaxing one. friday night, we went furniture shopping and bought the best "fat man" couches we could find. the width on these bad boys are about the size of a twin bed. i told hubby that i'm gonna be doing a lot of sprawled out booby-feeding on these things so the bigger the better. they should arrive in about 6 weeks, and our downstairs will be completely finished this week. i am sooo excited. i just want to decorate like a mofo before little lyla gets here. i know i still have about 4 more months, but i want to get things organized today.

well saturday rolls along where we celebrate my twinkie's hubby's graduation...can i just say thank god for the kid card. we got there and watched the ceremony for about an hour then we used the mabster as an excuse to get the hell outta there! i have been to SOO many graduations, that the thought of sitting through 2 more hours of it was making me want to throw a tantrum. my twinkie is super cool so she didn't care. so from there we went home, changed, and looked a baby bedding. then we met up with everybody at a celebratory dinner. after dinner, my mom and dad took the mabster home with them where she spent the night.

ahhhhhh, we come home to a quiet house and it feels strange...nice, but strange. we had plans to go to a baby shower/party, but cancelled. then we planned for a late night movie, cancelled. wanna know what we did? absolutely nothing. again, strange, but VERY nice. we overslept the next morning, ate lunch without an antsy toddler, and didn't know what to do with ourselves. a kid was screaming and crying in the restaurant, and jay and i looked at each other and smiled, saying, "thank god that's not my kid." for once i really enjoyed my meal without inhaling or wearing it. it's nice to have a break if only for a day because in the end, it really makes you miss your kid. to believe that we actually looked forward to picking her up? (gasp)