Thursday, May 22, 2008

G-U-M addict

so last trip to the beach, the mabster had a popsicle addiction. this time, it was gum. but this case was the worst. every five seconds, she'd ask for "gummie, gummie." i fell weak more than a couple of times and gave in. yankee belle and i even started spelling it out in hopes that both the mabster and lil B would not know what we are talking about. they caught on quick and kept demanding for another piece. i think the mabster has swallowed about 4 packs of trident gum in one week. she is a G-U-M addict, and i am her enabler. hubby insists that a family intervention should take place as soon as possible. he said that, "a family intervention is often the answer, the only answer. it can be done. it can be done now." wish us luck.


Yankee Belle said...

I am still waiting for the bubble fart. Classic. G-u-m anyone???