Tuesday, May 13, 2008

silly pawpaw and lola

my dad just bought himself a harley and now he is like a little kid again. when i first heard the news, i couldn't believe it. my family consists of all nurses so i was floored that my mother allowed it since we call people with motorcycles "organ donors." but he is happy so it makes my mother happy. and that's what i love. he even used the excuse that if he had one, it'd help them save money on gas. i think they just want to relive their youth of when they first met and use to go riding together all the time.

if you've ever met my parents, you'll find this hilarious. they're very traditional and hate spending too much money on something. so picturing my dad in old jeans, a black t-shirt, and a bandanna with my mom latched on behind him wearing all leather with high heel boots just makes me chuckle out loud and shake my head. jay wants to buy my mom a pink helmet. he too finds this hilarious, but encourages it every chance he gets. maybe we are making them feel old now that they are about to have 3 grandkids. could this be a mid-life crisis gone a little late?

so we asked my dad what he's naming his hog. he replied "maybell" (this is his pet name for my mom), then he said, "either way, one of them is going to kill me." god love'em!


random_mommy said...

ooooh!! You'll have to get him the shirt that says on the back "If you can read this my bitch fell off"!!!

K-Mom said...

That's a funny image you've painted there! I have two uncles who bought Harley's recently...AND their both nurses as well?

It's the draw of the open road. It beckons and no one is immune!