Sunday, May 4, 2008

our weekend in review

this weekend was a relaxing one. friday night, we went furniture shopping and bought the best "fat man" couches we could find. the width on these bad boys are about the size of a twin bed. i told hubby that i'm gonna be doing a lot of sprawled out booby-feeding on these things so the bigger the better. they should arrive in about 6 weeks, and our downstairs will be completely finished this week. i am sooo excited. i just want to decorate like a mofo before little lyla gets here. i know i still have about 4 more months, but i want to get things organized today.

well saturday rolls along where we celebrate my twinkie's hubby's graduation...can i just say thank god for the kid card. we got there and watched the ceremony for about an hour then we used the mabster as an excuse to get the hell outta there! i have been to SOO many graduations, that the thought of sitting through 2 more hours of it was making me want to throw a tantrum. my twinkie is super cool so she didn't care. so from there we went home, changed, and looked a baby bedding. then we met up with everybody at a celebratory dinner. after dinner, my mom and dad took the mabster home with them where she spent the night.

ahhhhhh, we come home to a quiet house and it feels strange...nice, but strange. we had plans to go to a baby shower/party, but cancelled. then we planned for a late night movie, cancelled. wanna know what we did? absolutely nothing. again, strange, but VERY nice. we overslept the next morning, ate lunch without an antsy toddler, and didn't know what to do with ourselves. a kid was screaming and crying in the restaurant, and jay and i looked at each other and smiled, saying, "thank god that's not my kid." for once i really enjoyed my meal without inhaling or wearing it. it's nice to have a break if only for a day because in the end, it really makes you miss your kid. to believe that we actually looked forward to picking her up? (gasp)


MommaDrool said...

it was probably one of my kids that you heard screaming : )

Blue Momma said...

Hey, we need some of those couches! Share.....