Saturday, May 17, 2008

slip-n-slide madness!!

well, we just got back from an adult slip-n-slide party hosted by the wonderful seis. it was awesome! no kids, lots of booze and jello shots that unfortunately i could not partake in, and the biggest and baddest slip-n-slide i have ever seen. words cannot describe how awesome this thing was so i'll let the pictures show you.
the guys were attempting some crazy stuff. moves you've never seen before. they were going down the slip-n-slide backwards, head first, while turning flips. some were using flotation devices and other random things that may help their speed. some overshot the landing zone in the pool, and ended up with their backside plastered to the wooden fence. all of our hubbies were in full force acting like drunk idiots. of course, my jay was at the top of the list. he went down the slide with his swim trunks baring all. everyone thought that they were just falling off as he was sliding down, but i was positive that he did it on purpose. i know my hubby, and i know he likes to show off his ass. literally. he does it all the time given the opportunity. it was hilarious! luckily i got it on video. every time i watch it, i burst into song singing, "there's a bad moon arising." i was so proud. and to think, he's all mine.


Blue Momma said...

I LOVE that you got that on video! Ends up I had NO pics of it, though we have over 200(!!) pics.

I don't know what I'll do after your #2 gets here and I'm the only sober one around!

random_mommy said...

I'm not sure what's funnier... the slip n sliding or your laughter!!! Love it!!

K-Mom said...

It looks like it was a great time! I hate that we missed it.

Great pictures!

Yankee Belle said...

Best party of the year! The full moon salute was priceless. Very white full moon. ha!

NoFive-Oh said...

Hah! Check this out... I left the video of the bare-ass-bandit out... but perhaps I should put it back in ;)