Monday, June 30, 2008

sweet sunday

so sunday rolls around, and i get ready in the morning to help host a baby shower for the wonderful momma peas. all the girls were there early helping set up and make some yummy brunch food. it was gooood! we played alot of cute baby games from celebrity baby match to finding safety pins in a bowl of rice. random mommy owned celebrity baby match, and granny was the winner of finding the most safety pins without looking. again, the mimosas and hula shower punch were flowing. yankee belle and jeri were both drunk before the guests arrived, and everybody else just continued to encourage it while making fun of them. it was too funny. we got a cute pic of most of us after the guests had left, but unfortunately, our guest of honor momma peas, had just left as well so her sweet face was not captured. she was definitely there in spirit, and we can't wait to meet her new little one in less than a month.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

sexy saturday

so it's the day of the wedding, and i'm sportin' my very first maternity bridesmaid's dress. it had an empire waist and pleated at the belly so lyla was definitely showing herself off. it's the first time within this pregnancy that i felt people could actually tell that i was pregnant, and not just fat. ha!!i almost forgot how hectic weddings are, especially if you're in one. our day started off with hair and make-up being done at 10am, to a quick lunch, to getting ready in our dresses, to taking a million of pics both indoor and outside, to 20 minutes of rest,and then finally the ceremony at 6:30pm. the down time in between was my favorite because i must admit that i like taking silly pics.the ceremony went off without a hitch. it was beautiful, and i was so happy to see such a sweet couple start their lives together. so into the trolley we go, headed for the reception. everybody had booze in their hands but me. the night started off rowdy, but i was so excited to see my jay and mabster so that we could cut a rug on the dancefloor. the band was freakin' awesome! they were playing the best music ever, and i busted out moves i forgot i had. then i started getting a cramp, and lyla reminded me to take it easy. did i mention how funny the mabster was?! she was a dancing machine! i can't wait to see the photographers pics of her because i know she took some good ones. she danced with us all night long which made for a good night's sleep. overall, it was the best wedding i've been to. . .only second to mine of course. :)

friday fun

this past friday started off a very busy weekend for me. my dear friend from college got married on saturday, and i was asked to help her celebrate in her special day. of course i was honored considering we go way back from being in the same pledge class in the best damn sorority at UAB, to many spring breaks together, to numerous nights at the music hall, and everything inbetween. we'd been through it all, and eventhough we don't get to hang out as much as we use to, that special bond is still there. friday at noon, we all got together for our bridesmaid's luncheon. the food was delicious, and the company was at the luncheon, the bride was telling us about her horrific day she had the day before. get this. . .so she procedes to tell us how she went to the location of where they had planned to have their rehearsal dinner to start decorating. as she walks up to the door, it's locked with a sign in the window saying, "this place has been evicted due to failure to pay rent." okay, being the bride and the day before the dinner is planned, she freaks out. i can only imagine how stressful that must have been. eek! but luckily, ruth's chris steak house was able to accomodate all of her guests for the rehearsal dinner instead so everything was smooth sailing from there. i'll be honest, i'll take a free meal from ruth's chris over any place in birmingham so i think it was a blessing in disguise. hehe. here are some pics from dinner. . .lyla was VERY hungry!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

happy 3rd wedding anniversary to us!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

daddy dearest

i've got to give credit where credit is due. my hubby is a damn good daddy. the best thing is, is that it's like it just comes naturally to him. he doesn't try, he just does. for example, this past weekend we spent at the lake (as usual). all of the family were there with a couple of guests. well friday night, the boys stay out drinking on the back porch till 3 in the morning. they were loud, drunk, and rowdy. they ragged each other all night until some ended up in the lake with their khakis and polos on. just being typical long story short, the mabster wakes up at 4am and wants her daddy. jay of course was still beyond drunk, but without hesitation, picks her up, and stumbles to the den. he lays her on the loveseat as he lies beneath her on the cold hard floor (both of the other 2 couches were occupied by the other 2 drunks). they watch tv till she falls back asleep, and then he put her back in her crib.

saturday night was the same deal minus drunk daddy. but again, he slept on the cold hard floor for the mabster till she fell asleep. i think he got a total of 4 hours of sleep throughout the whole weekend. i couldn't help but wake up throughout the night just to peek at them. it was the sweetest thing, and it really made me love and appreciate how great of a hubby and daddy jay is. i don't usually like to brag about how great i think he is because i know every woman thinks theirs is the best. but i'll be honest, i don't think god could have made a better man for me and the mabster. i am just waiting for someone to wake me up, and tell me that this is not my life. it's just too good to be true.

Friday, June 20, 2008

moral of the story. . .

so today the mabster picked a huge boogie from her nose.

she proceeded to show me, and then attempted to stick it in my mouth.

i told her no, and that "yuck, we don't eat boogies!"

she looked at it herself, said "booger" and then tried to place it back up her nose.

i swatted her hand, wiped it off, and taught her that in this case. . .

sharing isn't always a good thing, and that

you don't always have to put things back where you found them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

our lyla scarlett

a pic of little lyla's profile:

now she's sticking out her tongue (displaying her attitude already, hehe):

but making up for it by blowing sweet kisses:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

daddy's day

so for father's day this year, we did what jay loves to do best. . .be at the lake. we had plans to drive down for a wedding on saturday afternoon, but since the hubby was having such a good time drinking booze and fishing with his new bff, we decided we weren't going anywhere. my whole family was there all weekend long, and it was really great to just hang out swimming, grilling out, and riding on the boat while listening to great music. jay was super excited to go tubing with the mabster for the very first time on his special day. the ride started off with the mabster in his lap, but by the end of the ride, she wanted her own seat beside him. then later, yankee belle's lil B joined in on the fun too. the girls were loving it, and they looked so cute as they tried to copy everything that jay was doing. overall, it was a great weekend spent with the ones we love. my daddy and my baby's daddy are still talking about how much they enjoyed the weekend. guess that's what father's day is all about.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i passed!!

so i had to take the dreaded one hour glucose test the other day to check for gestational diabetes since i am now at 29 weeks along in this pregnancy. i passed the first time with abby, but with every test that comes along, waiting for the results are a pain in the arse. the nurse called me and let me know that i in fact, did not pass the 1 hour this go round, and that i need to come back for the 3 hour glucose test just to double check.

can i just say that the 3 hour test was enough to make me contemplate only having 2 kids in fear that i might just have to endure it again with the next one? i got stuck 5 different times, and my arms look like i'm a drug addict. they are bruised and sore, and it sucks. i had to go in at 8am where they took my initial fasting blood level, then i threw back a bottle of the nasty sugary substance, came back 30 minutes later, go pricked, another 30 minutes, got pricked, an hour later, got pricked, and then another hour later, the nurse got my last and final blood sample. so waiting around in the doctor's office for 4 hours only to feel like a starving pin cushion was not much fun. luckily though, after the test, hubby got me and took me to eat a big ole lunch at olive garden minus the mabster. it made everything right in the world, and i forgot about the horrible morning.

so i got the call back about my test results, and I PASSED!!! thank you dear sweet baby jesus! i was really not looking forward to being on certain diet restrictions and worrying about my blood sugar all day. funny thing is, is that i found out the news last friday, and we went to a bridal party that night where there were brownies and sweet treats everywhere. . .i looked at my twinkie, pointed to it all, and said with the biggest smile on my face, "i can eat that." god is good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the best damn mom's group evah!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

spoiled wife = satisfied hubby

this weekend's been nice. very nice. friday i had my doctor's appointment in the morning so hubby took the mabster to work with him. they ate lunch together, and then left at noon to head for the lake with some of his coworkers and their little girls all while i got the day for myself. i got so much done around the house, went shopping, and then ate a lovely dinner from carrabba's in my underwear in a quiet house. perfection.

then, today hubby let me be spoiled and pampered all day while at the spa with the girls. we hung out at ross bridge resort where we went swimming at the pool, ate a yummy lunch at the clubhouse, and then i got a 50 minute facial followed by a 50 minute "baby love" massage. it was awesome. we didn't feel like we were in birmingham, but somewhere fancy and exotic. again, perfection.

so now i sit at our lakehouse with hubby beside me on the couch. he is rubbing me like he wants a piece of ass. little does he know, that he's already getting laid. after the past 2 days i've had, i'll put out every day for a week as a simple "thank you." he deserves it. afterall, isn't marriage about "if you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours?"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

our tiny dancer

the mabster had her first dance class today, and she loved every second of it. it's a "mommy and me" dance class which meant i got to sing and dance along with her. what a team we were. she'd scream while singing to "itsy bitsy spider" as if she were her momma at a night of karaoking. then she'd dance around waving little ribbons in both hands while mommy was beside her acting a fool doing the same thing. oh to be a fly on the wall, but it was fun. did i mention that she owned "twinkle twinkle little star?" she's been singing it all day. she even sang it for daddy while we were at lunch, and his face lit up. her word explosion is beginning, and we can't seem to get enough of it. we love that munchkin. seems like the real fun is just now beginning. watch out world, here comes our tiny dancer!