Tuesday, June 17, 2008

daddy's day

so for father's day this year, we did what jay loves to do best. . .be at the lake. we had plans to drive down for a wedding on saturday afternoon, but since the hubby was having such a good time drinking booze and fishing with his new bff, we decided we weren't going anywhere. my whole family was there all weekend long, and it was really great to just hang out swimming, grilling out, and riding on the boat while listening to great music. jay was super excited to go tubing with the mabster for the very first time on his special day. the ride started off with the mabster in his lap, but by the end of the ride, she wanted her own seat beside him. then later, yankee belle's lil B joined in on the fun too. the girls were loving it, and they looked so cute as they tried to copy everything that jay was doing. overall, it was a great weekend spent with the ones we love. my daddy and my baby's daddy are still talking about how much they enjoyed the weekend. guess that's what father's day is all about.


Blue Momma said...

Sounds like a great day! My punkin would have gone insane on that ride. And NOT in a good way.

Yankee Belle said...

Love it!!! Happy Daddy's Day Mr. J!!!! xoxo

Hear Their Everywear said...

How cute!!!