Sunday, June 29, 2008

sexy saturday

so it's the day of the wedding, and i'm sportin' my very first maternity bridesmaid's dress. it had an empire waist and pleated at the belly so lyla was definitely showing herself off. it's the first time within this pregnancy that i felt people could actually tell that i was pregnant, and not just fat. ha!!i almost forgot how hectic weddings are, especially if you're in one. our day started off with hair and make-up being done at 10am, to a quick lunch, to getting ready in our dresses, to taking a million of pics both indoor and outside, to 20 minutes of rest,and then finally the ceremony at 6:30pm. the down time in between was my favorite because i must admit that i like taking silly pics.the ceremony went off without a hitch. it was beautiful, and i was so happy to see such a sweet couple start their lives together. so into the trolley we go, headed for the reception. everybody had booze in their hands but me. the night started off rowdy, but i was so excited to see my jay and mabster so that we could cut a rug on the dancefloor. the band was freakin' awesome! they were playing the best music ever, and i busted out moves i forgot i had. then i started getting a cramp, and lyla reminded me to take it easy. did i mention how funny the mabster was?! she was a dancing machine! i can't wait to see the photographers pics of her because i know she took some good ones. she danced with us all night long which made for a good night's sleep. overall, it was the best wedding i've been to. . .only second to mine of course. :)


Mommapeas said...

Dang you look cute in that dress! Way to rock the bump lady!

Yankee Belle said...

You look BEA-UTIFUL!!! ANd I love Abby & daddy out on the floor!

MommaDrool said...

You look so pretty! Really beautiful color on you, momma!