Saturday, June 7, 2008

spoiled wife = satisfied hubby

this weekend's been nice. very nice. friday i had my doctor's appointment in the morning so hubby took the mabster to work with him. they ate lunch together, and then left at noon to head for the lake with some of his coworkers and their little girls all while i got the day for myself. i got so much done around the house, went shopping, and then ate a lovely dinner from carrabba's in my underwear in a quiet house. perfection.

then, today hubby let me be spoiled and pampered all day while at the spa with the girls. we hung out at ross bridge resort where we went swimming at the pool, ate a yummy lunch at the clubhouse, and then i got a 50 minute facial followed by a 50 minute "baby love" massage. it was awesome. we didn't feel like we were in birmingham, but somewhere fancy and exotic. again, perfection.

so now i sit at our lakehouse with hubby beside me on the couch. he is rubbing me like he wants a piece of ass. little does he know, that he's already getting laid. after the past 2 days i've had, i'll put out every day for a week as a simple "thank you." he deserves it. afterall, isn't marriage about "if you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours?"


I'm a Mom!..? said...

Very nice indeed. Don't let your hubby call mine.... I'll give a little, but damn! Not everyday, I just don't have the energy these days!!!

Blue Momma said...

My hubby stripped the wall paper from our bathroom while I was gone. That alone gets him taken care of for a month!!

If he'd just keep the house clean I'd put out every day forever!!