Thursday, July 31, 2008


1.) the mabster has been constantly asking "what's that?" to everything. repeatedly. especially when driving. half the time i just make up answers because i can't turn around to look at the 50 million things she's pointing at. i just hope that in the future, she doesn't argue with someone that a tree is really a car.

2.) what is it with the mabster thinking that the cookie monster lives in our ac vents? it's amusing and funny to watch her face light up when she looks into a vent and then comes running, screaming "cookie monster in there." she believes it and i can tell. so tonight, daddy bought her a cookie monster. if he comes up missing, i'm checking every air vent in this house.

3.) when the mabster sees a flash of light or anything that blinks, she automatically assumes that it's a lightening bug. tonight on our way home from target, it started pouring down rain and lightening. the mabster saw the lightening and kept screaming "big lightening bug!" we told her that yes, it was a very big one.

4.) so we've started putting abby in time out when she acts up. i actually just started this this week. she'll do something she knows is not right so i'll swoop her up and put her on her pink rug in the middle of her room, close the door behind her, and let her sit there crying for a minute till i come and get her. then i'll explain that was she did was wrong and that's why she was in time out. well yesterday, she got excited and tried to pop me in the face while i was changing her clothes. i told her that we don't hit or we'll be put in time out. she never hit me so i walked out of the room. well, she never followed me back to the den like she normally does so i go back to see what she's up to. she had closed the door to her room and was quietly sitting on her pink rug. she had put herself in time out. i thought that was the sweetest thing ever, but if my kid actually enjoys "time out" then we're in trouble.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"I did it!"

we introduced the "big girl potty" to the mabster about a month ago. we're not preaching it on her too seriously at the moment because i've heard that once a new baby enters the family, she will likely regress anyway. so i'd just hate for all that hard work to be blown out the window. but nonetheless, the mabster is getting the idea of it all. she has successfully tee-tee'd in her "big girl potty" three times. then she'll look up at me, say "done" as i help her off the potty, and then she'll run and find dada as she screams, "i did it, i did it!" so sweet and so exciting, but she likes to do this regardless of if she's actually tee-tee'd or not.sometimes she just sits there, and sometimes, she'll just pass gas and laugh saying, "abby poot." at one point i caught her trying to do the number two in her diaper so i quickly picked her up and ran her over to the toilet and told her to poo-poo in her big girl potty. it didn't work. i think i may have traumatized her. she just cried, and i'm sure i pissed her off because now whatever she was working on is a shy little turtle head that won't make it's appearance till mommy is far, far away. oh well, i'm trying. any advice would be much appreciated.

family reunion

we went to our annual family reunion yesterday, and as always it was fun. fun in the "wow, i'm related to all these people?" sense. it's family from my father's side which means our mamaw (dad's mom) introduced us to god and everybody, and if you asked me who i met, i bet i couldn't recite off one name. it's a pot luck kinda thing where everybody brings a dish. i love it because any kind of casserole you can think of, someone made. it was delicious. the mabster ate her weight in ice cream which then made for an exhausting time chasing after her.oh and did i mention that every time i held my godson/nephew, the mabster got jealous and wanted to be held too. it was hilarious. so here's a preview of how my life will be trying to juggle two. hubby got to experience it too, and said he's ready for it. me? i have my moments.towards the end of the reunion, our names were drawn and we got to go to the "table of goodies" to pick out a prize. the mabster picked out a school bus toy and it was the best thing on the table. her name got called again later so she got to pick out some crayons and coloring books as well. i got a gift card to wal-mart (woot-woot!), jay got some kinda trinket thingy that he gave to my mom because he knew she'd love it since it's practically just clutter. my twinkie got a picture frame, my mom got a plant, my dad got a hat, and so on, so on. here's a pic of some of our goodies.that part of the reunion was my mom's favorite. she loves free stuff whether she needs it or not. it was alot of fun, but after meeting new people and chasing the mabster with my full belly, i was ready to head back to the lakehouse for a nap. and that i did. the bigger i get with this pregnancy, the more i get worn out after doing the littlest things. i swear i thought i was going to fall out. i asked hubby if he wanted to carry me too to the car, and he just laughed. don't think he thought i was serious, but if he had said yes, i would have definitely taken him up on the offer.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

birthday blowout!

the dust has settled, my strength regained, and a normal routine is back at hand. it's been 2 days since the ending of the mabster's second birthday, and i am finally able to sit still and blog about it. we hosted her birthday party at our house, and it was a tropical luau theme. most of the kids and even their cool parents were dressed in hawaiian t-shirts and sportin' the leis around their necks. who said you can't get lei'd at a kid's party!? hubby did twice. it was fun.okay so since the mabster is hubby's little girl, he went all out and bought a huge 9 ft waterslide that lands into a 12x12 ft pool. the kids were loving it, and by the end of the day, some of the adults were too. i'm just surprised it still functions. nothing is more pleasing than a cool body of water on a hot july day. everybody was jacked up on sugar so at least they got to release some energy the time came for opening presents. my favorite. ummm, err, i mean, the mabster's favorite. let's just say good thing we just got our basement finished or else we'd be living outside on the back porch while all of her toys take over. she racked up! half of them are upstairs while the others are downstairs, and we're still opening them up one by one as she hands them to us. i think we could stay inside the house everyday for the next 6 months without her getting bored. the mabster got a lot of "wanna-be mommy" and dress up toys which are perfect considering her little sister lyla is coming soon. if mommy is going to have a baby, the mabster will too. she has been strolling her babies around the house, feeding them in their highchair, and swinging them in their swing. she even tells them to "go night-night in big girl bed." too cute. one gift that really sticks out though is the money tree that nana lin gave the mabster. it's a beautiful azalea tree with money tied all over it. i think the mabster's love has deepened for her because now she believes that only nana lin can make money grow on trees. good thing she lives nearby, i'm gonna have a hard time explaining that one.overall, the mabster's 2nd birthday party was a huge success. i just want to thank everyone who came to help celebrate. thank you to family, old friends, new friends, college friends, and TBDMGE friends. we love and appreciate you guys more than you will ever know. thank you for making us feel so blessed!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

happy 2nd birthday mabster!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

too much fun!

why do i love being a stay-at-home-mom and member of TBDMGE? three words. "mom's night out." these events are the highlight of my calendar, and i can't even drink yet. i love them. the girls in our group are the best, and it's just so much fun watching everyone cut loose without our kids tugging at our legs. so last night we all had dinner and margaritas at superior grill. there was a live band playing outside on the patio where we sat, and they were playing awesome tunes.some of the highlights of the night where when we ran into tila tequila. she wasn't the real tila, but damn she sure did look it. i'm a mom got drunk and bold enough to go up to her and ask for her autograph along with a picture. it was great.then poodlehead noticed her food was gone after the busboy came and cleared off our table so he had to reorder her food. it was funny, and definitely worth a photo the end of the night, we were all out on the dancefloor, singing, dancing, and sweating our butts off. i was probably the only sober one out there, but as long as i'm in the middle and my dancing is being blocked, i'm game. it was a wild night. we had young boys fetching us drinks from the bar, mom's who weren't smokers became smokers that night, and a quote that is still stuck in my brain is "you know i'm loose, i have 3 kids." heehee. SOO much fun! and to think, next week's "mom's night out" is salsa lessons. eek, i'm hoping everyone gets drunk beforehand so that they don't notice how terrible i am. =P alas, here's to you TBDMGE, i love you bitches!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

little lyla's nursery

lyla scarlett's nursery is finally finished! jay's nana made the valances and tiebacks on the curtains for me, and i just love, love, love them. i got them back today and after putting it all together, i couldn't resist taking pictures.okay so the other day, we went to monograms plus where i fell in love with the personalized canvases that they designed there. i asked the lady how much a set of three were, she responded "$100." then asked her how long does it take for them to finish them, and she said "3-4 weeks." i was in disbelief. are you kidding me? i can do that myself, cheap and easy. so i did just that. i went to hobby lobby, got the materials that cost a total of $40 with a couple of extras, and started on them that night. 2 hours later, the canvases were painted and done. i was so proud of myself. for one, for saving 60 bucks, and two, for being able to brag that i did them myself. i know i'm no van gogh, but i was impressed. here's a pic of them hanging over lyla's crib.lastly, these pics are just an overview of the room and a close-up of lyla's bedding. all we need now is our little lyla scarlett. one more month or so to go, and she will be here with us. we can't wait!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

an oldie, but a goodie

i was looking through my old pics as i was trying to organize my scrapbook room when i came across this pic of the mabster. if this doesn't scream high school yearbook, then i don't know what will. notice how her onesie says "future valedictorian." we staged the book in her lap, however the nose picking was all her idea. she's a pure genius i tell you!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


the mabster is on a baby kick right now. hardcore. she won't leave home without it. her babydoll is constantly glued to her hand, and if you dare take it away from her, she screams "mine!" she's overprotective of her and kisses on her constantly. i must admit that i love watching her try and take care of her baby. she'll even walk around the house patting her baby's back and "shhhhh'ing" her. it melts my heart. she just started this trend, and in a way i believe it's because she can sense that mommy's about to have another baby. she's going to be a big sister and take on bigger responsibilities. i tell the mabster that mommy has a baby in my belly, and then she proceeds to lift up her shirt, show me her belly, and say "abby has a baby in her belly too." super cute, but i'm sure those are words her daddy never wants to hear. at least until she's 30.

4th of july

this year we spent the 4th of july at our family's lakehouse. everybody brought up a dish, and we did nothing but eat, swim, eat, and ride on the boat all day long. we headed up there on wednesday and came back on sunday which made for a long fun weekend of celebrating. my favorite was watching the fireworks from the boat at rock creek. it was beautiful. basically, a bunch of houses spent a ton of money competing with each other on who had the best fireworks. it really did make for a great show and was very romantical. there were 500 boats everywhere, great music was being played, and after each house lit off their fireworks, everyone yelled and clapped like patriotic citizens. the mabster loved it. she kept pointing and saying "what's that?" after she would oooo and ahhh. it was super's a pic of my family being a bunch of dorks and pointing at the fireworks. notice no one is pointing in the same direction. now you see where i get it from, right?so after the fireworks were over with, we headed back to the lakehouse driving the boat in the dark. jay made my mom drive us for a quick minute as she laughed and said in her filipino accent, "i am scared shitless." it was classic. i laughed as a spider climbed down the side of my face as my cousin casually brushed it off. i had the heebeegeebees the whole way home. but i think the funniest thing that happened all weekend long was when jay was cleaning the bottom of his boat in the water, and a fish came up and bit his nipple. he said he didn't know what to do so he ripped it off. if anyone needs good bait for fish, bring my hubby. i hear his nipples are delicious! lol. also, the mabster held her very first sparkler and was fascinated by it. luckily she did not burn herself because i know i always did as a kid, but nonetheless, she was enjoying it.some other highlights of the weekend were when auntie jess, tita karmie, yankee belle, and the girls went down our neighbors old rigidity water slide and into the lake. it made for quite a laugh. also, jay took papa john on the longest tube ride ever and made sure that he did not fall asleep. oh, and sleep you ask? yeah, there's none of that at the lake. . .just ask the that concludes our 4th of july weekend. i hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th! until next year. . .