Tuesday, July 22, 2008

birthday blowout!

the dust has settled, my strength regained, and a normal routine is back at hand. it's been 2 days since the ending of the mabster's second birthday, and i am finally able to sit still and blog about it. we hosted her birthday party at our house, and it was a tropical luau theme. most of the kids and even their cool parents were dressed in hawaiian t-shirts and sportin' the leis around their necks. who said you can't get lei'd at a kid's party!? hubby did twice. it was fun.okay so since the mabster is hubby's little girl, he went all out and bought a huge 9 ft waterslide that lands into a 12x12 ft pool. the kids were loving it, and by the end of the day, some of the adults were too. i'm just surprised it still functions. nothing is more pleasing than a cool body of water on a hot july day. everybody was jacked up on sugar so at least they got to release some energy somewhere.so the time came for opening presents. my favorite. ummm, err, i mean, the mabster's favorite. let's just say good thing we just got our basement finished or else we'd be living outside on the back porch while all of her toys take over. she racked up! half of them are upstairs while the others are downstairs, and we're still opening them up one by one as she hands them to us. i think we could stay inside the house everyday for the next 6 months without her getting bored. the mabster got a lot of "wanna-be mommy" and dress up toys which are perfect considering her little sister lyla is coming soon. if mommy is going to have a baby, the mabster will too. she has been strolling her babies around the house, feeding them in their highchair, and swinging them in their swing. she even tells them to "go night-night in big girl bed." too cute. one gift that really sticks out though is the money tree that nana lin gave the mabster. it's a beautiful azalea tree with money tied all over it. i think the mabster's love has deepened for her because now she believes that only nana lin can make money grow on trees. good thing she lives nearby, i'm gonna have a hard time explaining that one.overall, the mabster's 2nd birthday party was a huge success. i just want to thank everyone who came to help celebrate. thank you to family, old friends, new friends, college friends, and TBDMGE friends. we love and appreciate you guys more than you will ever know. thank you for making us feel so blessed!


K-Mom said...

Girl, I don't know how you did it! I'm STILL tired and we had a small, family-only party AND I'm not pregnant.

Looks like a lot of fun...so sorry we couldn't make it. I'm glad Mabster had a great day!

Can Doo said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast. I know the Mabster had a good time just look at her face!!! I love it!!!

Mommapeas said...

Thank you and Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Hear Their Everywear said...

I am so sorry we missed it!! Blue Momma did not take my gift b/c I could not get it to her all while taking care of sick kid and entertaining my mother...LOL

I will pass along soon!!