Monday, July 28, 2008

family reunion

we went to our annual family reunion yesterday, and as always it was fun. fun in the "wow, i'm related to all these people?" sense. it's family from my father's side which means our mamaw (dad's mom) introduced us to god and everybody, and if you asked me who i met, i bet i couldn't recite off one name. it's a pot luck kinda thing where everybody brings a dish. i love it because any kind of casserole you can think of, someone made. it was delicious. the mabster ate her weight in ice cream which then made for an exhausting time chasing after her.oh and did i mention that every time i held my godson/nephew, the mabster got jealous and wanted to be held too. it was hilarious. so here's a preview of how my life will be trying to juggle two. hubby got to experience it too, and said he's ready for it. me? i have my moments.towards the end of the reunion, our names were drawn and we got to go to the "table of goodies" to pick out a prize. the mabster picked out a school bus toy and it was the best thing on the table. her name got called again later so she got to pick out some crayons and coloring books as well. i got a gift card to wal-mart (woot-woot!), jay got some kinda trinket thingy that he gave to my mom because he knew she'd love it since it's practically just clutter. my twinkie got a picture frame, my mom got a plant, my dad got a hat, and so on, so on. here's a pic of some of our goodies.that part of the reunion was my mom's favorite. she loves free stuff whether she needs it or not. it was alot of fun, but after meeting new people and chasing the mabster with my full belly, i was ready to head back to the lakehouse for a nap. and that i did. the bigger i get with this pregnancy, the more i get worn out after doing the littlest things. i swear i thought i was going to fall out. i asked hubby if he wanted to carry me too to the car, and he just laughed. don't think he thought i was serious, but if he had said yes, i would have definitely taken him up on the offer.


Little Red's Momma said...

The look on Mabsters face while your holding little C is classic.

Heather S. said...

WOW! Your twinkies baby is sooooo gorgeous!