Monday, July 28, 2008

"I did it!"

we introduced the "big girl potty" to the mabster about a month ago. we're not preaching it on her too seriously at the moment because i've heard that once a new baby enters the family, she will likely regress anyway. so i'd just hate for all that hard work to be blown out the window. but nonetheless, the mabster is getting the idea of it all. she has successfully tee-tee'd in her "big girl potty" three times. then she'll look up at me, say "done" as i help her off the potty, and then she'll run and find dada as she screams, "i did it, i did it!" so sweet and so exciting, but she likes to do this regardless of if she's actually tee-tee'd or not.sometimes she just sits there, and sometimes, she'll just pass gas and laugh saying, "abby poot." at one point i caught her trying to do the number two in her diaper so i quickly picked her up and ran her over to the toilet and told her to poo-poo in her big girl potty. it didn't work. i think i may have traumatized her. she just cried, and i'm sure i pissed her off because now whatever she was working on is a shy little turtle head that won't make it's appearance till mommy is far, far away. oh well, i'm trying. any advice would be much appreciated.


Poodlehead said...

HAHA! For the longest time every time Chacha would sit on the toilet he would produce one rabbit pellet. That is just as annoying.