Thursday, July 31, 2008


1.) the mabster has been constantly asking "what's that?" to everything. repeatedly. especially when driving. half the time i just make up answers because i can't turn around to look at the 50 million things she's pointing at. i just hope that in the future, she doesn't argue with someone that a tree is really a car.

2.) what is it with the mabster thinking that the cookie monster lives in our ac vents? it's amusing and funny to watch her face light up when she looks into a vent and then comes running, screaming "cookie monster in there." she believes it and i can tell. so tonight, daddy bought her a cookie monster. if he comes up missing, i'm checking every air vent in this house.

3.) when the mabster sees a flash of light or anything that blinks, she automatically assumes that it's a lightening bug. tonight on our way home from target, it started pouring down rain and lightening. the mabster saw the lightening and kept screaming "big lightening bug!" we told her that yes, it was a very big one.

4.) so we've started putting abby in time out when she acts up. i actually just started this this week. she'll do something she knows is not right so i'll swoop her up and put her on her pink rug in the middle of her room, close the door behind her, and let her sit there crying for a minute till i come and get her. then i'll explain that was she did was wrong and that's why she was in time out. well yesterday, she got excited and tried to pop me in the face while i was changing her clothes. i told her that we don't hit or we'll be put in time out. she never hit me so i walked out of the room. well, she never followed me back to the den like she normally does so i go back to see what she's up to. she had closed the door to her room and was quietly sitting on her pink rug. she had put herself in time out. i thought that was the sweetest thing ever, but if my kid actually enjoys "time out" then we're in trouble.


Yankee Belle said...

LOL - Cookie Monster & air vents came from my kid. Hopefully it will keep Mabster out of it does lil B. =P

Hill Family said...

Lincoln puts himself in timeout too!!! Too funny :)

Kim said...

i knew the whole cookie monster came from lil B!! it cracks me up when she does it. them two are a mess!

and awww, lincoln is so sweet! i'm sure the mabster would love to share her rug in timeout with him. :)

K-Mom said...

Sweet Mabster! They're growing up so fast...too fast if you ask me!