Thursday, August 28, 2008

"i poo poo. a big one!"

so guess what?! the mabster is a big girl. a big girl who poo-poo'ed in her big girl potty. for the first time ever. she was so excited, but you know who was excited more? that's right, her momma. she actually poopied on her potty while lola (my mom) sat beside her on the toilet. i was breastfeeding lyla when i hear the mabster run to me and say, "i poo poo. a big one!" i jumped up and ran to the toilet and there it was. i know everyone talks about how the first time their little one does this, that they are so tempted to take a picture, but don't. well guess what? i did. so go ahead and laugh as you shake your head and say, "oh no she didn't" because yes, yes i did. i was proud. i couldn't help it.mabster just looked so cute with that look in her eyes of accomplishment. she had the biggest smile on her face, and kept looking up at us for approval. i gave her a big "big girl poo-poo star" sticker and a little "big girl tee-tee star" sticker to reward her. one for each hand. she has been showing them off all day. lola and i actually let the terd sit in her potty till daddy got home so that she could show him. again, we all did the happy poopie dance as a family, then hubby had to call his mom and let her in on the news. a small step, but at least it's progress.

lyla's first bath

they say things are easier the second go round. this is true. we gave lyla her first bath since her belly button fell off, and she was wonderful. we think she actually enjoyed it much unlike the mabster's first time. then again, as parents, we were nervous, awkward, and slow. we were worried we'd drown her or god forbid, get baby wash in her eyes (gasp). now that we have lyla and 2 years of experience with the mabster, bath time is easy peasy. we work fast, rub a dub dub, and it's done. no tears from lyla. baby bath time is easy and fun, both for her and us. now that's the way i like it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sisterly love

if you were to be a fly on my wall, this is the dialogue that you would hear from the mabster to her new baby sister. you will hear this at least 15 times a day, and it will make you laugh every time.

mabster: "c'mer baby sister, c'mer."

lyla: (grunts)

mabster: "sit my lap baby sister. sit er." (hands patting lap)

lyla: (still grunting, but a little louder)

mabster: "baby okay? awwww. (kisses) okay."

lyla: (grunts as mommy swoops her up in hopes that the mabster will not smother her.)

mabster: (continues to play, but knows that she'll be back in 5 more minutes to do it all over again.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

lyla's birth story

first off let me start by thanking the hubby for recording this precious information. or should i thank plurk? for you see those that don't know, plurk is like an online instant messenger that gives you points (karma) if you post alot. it is a great way to converse and keep up with your friends every move. did they have a BM for the day? plurk, will tell you. :) hubby and i, as well as half of TBDMGE, are addicted to it. it is our crack. and it is good. so while i'm laboring and enjoying the oh-so-wonderful meds, hubby is staying on top of his game and plurking a play-by-play of what he calls my "super uterus." everyone was informed throughout the day and loving it. here is a sample of what the hubby recollects for that amazing day. . .

Wednesday, 8/13/08. Sunny and warm, High of 88F, Low of 68F with 0in. of precipitation.
Arrived in our room at 5:26AM. Room 404
Broke water at 7:19AM (4CM Dilated, 60% effaced, -1 station)
Got Epidural at 9:21AM (4.5CM Dilated)
Had issues with blood pressure until 10:10AM. It dropped as low as 70/26 so the nurse got some epinephrine to stabilize BP.
Kim slept from 10:20 to 10:40. At 10:43AM, she complained of pain and asked for a boost for her epidural.
Nurse Julie then checked her and said that there was no time to call the anesthesiologist, she was complete and fully dilated.
Holy shit, time to start pushing.
We began pushing at 10:50am, and Lyla was here at 11:04am after only 4 pushes. That was fun. My wife is amazing.
Lyla Scarlett is here with a headful of dark hair. She weighs 7lbs 5oz, and is 20.5 inches. She is beautiful.

My favorite sentence in this log is "We began pushing. . ." key word, "We." makes me laugh because i thought i was the only one pushing. who knows, hubby could have been working on something that i wasn't aware of at the time. but needless to say, it was recorded. short and to the point. i think that's how most men are. if it were me, it'd be a novel and a lot more fluffed up. but still, it is beautiful and i am thankful that he recorded it. one day i will print this off and put it in lyla's scrapbook. . .one day after she stops sucking me dry. one day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

home sweet home

lyla got to come home with us last night, and it was the biggest sigh of relief we've ever had. after days of uncertainty and waiting, it feels good to know that i can hold her every second of the day. here's a pic of lyla on the car ride home. she just looked so tiny and sweet.oh, and a big shout out and thank you to random mommy, yankee belle, mommapeas, nonluciddrivel, and i'm a mom for making us a feast of a meal last night! it was sooo nice walking through our door (with lyla in tow) with the scents of a thanksgiving dinner waiting for us. ya'll don't know how lucky we felt not having to worry about what we were eating for dinner after the long day we had. hubby was in shock at the variety of food, and i think ya'll made enough to feed an army. everything is sooo deliciously delicious! so thank ya'll for our wonderful homecoming meal, and thank you to everyone who kept us in your thoughts and prayers. the hardest part is now over.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

missing our little lyla

so i'm sitting here at home, emotionally and physically tired as hell with 50 million thoughts running through my head. as many of you know, our little lyla is still in the hospital because her bilirubin is still high due to ABO incompatibility. this makes night number two without her, yet it feels like two weeks have gone by. i don't know how mommies do it when they have to leave their sick newborns at the hospital while they go home and worry. it just makes you feel helpless. like you want to do so much, but all you have to do is rely and trust that she is in good hands and wait it out. i hate the waiting game. i get impatient. i want her, and i want her now.i think the hardest part was this morning after we found out that she had to stay another night. then we had to put her back into her little box with her blindfolds on, and keep her under the lights. lyla started crying and wiggling around, and it broke my heart. i just wanted to pick her back up and tell her everything was going to be okay. i knew she wanted me just as much as i wanted her. it's hard when you expect things will be better, only to be told bad news. i know there are by far scarier things that could have happened other than jaundice, and i applaud any mom who has ever had to deal with a sick newborn. they are so strong. i have broken down crying more than a couple of times since we've been home without her. the house is too quiet, and for once, i don't like it. we've been going to the hospital every 3-4 hours to see and feed her. it is our bonding time with her, and it has put us at ease for the most part because every time we're up there she looks a little better. i hope and pray that tomorrow morning we will receive some good news. maybe even that she can finally go home. we miss our little lyla scarlett more than she will ever know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

little Lyla's coming!!

just wanted to send out a quick update to let everyone know what's going on as to now that i am at the tail end of my pregnancy. i went to the doctor yesterday morning where he informed me that i am now 4 cm dilated and moving fast. my blood pressure has been elevated for the past month, and for the last week or so i have been having very bad headaches and blurry vision. therefore, i have been put on bedrest. doc said that lyla is ready to go so this wednesday (8/13/08) at 6am is when i go in for my induction.

jay and i are on cloud nine and trying to adjust to it all settling in. we thought we'd have at least a week to do last minute things instead of one day. oh, and i just can't wrap the idea of bedrest around my head when we have a 2-year-old at home, but i will try. luckily, jay has alot of time saved up so he will be my saving grace with the mabster for the next 2 weeks. it is all so exciting knowing that we are about to be a family of four. little lyla will be here soon, and we can't wait to meet her! i am so nervously excited about everything. please keep us in your prayers for a safe and healthy delivery. i will inform everyone once she gets here. . .with pics too, of course! love you all, xoxo.

sprinkled with love

in the words of i'm a mom, "my bitches" hosted me a fabulous baby sprinkle to help me with the little last second things before lyla gets here. i heart them. they spoil me, and spoil me rotten. i don't know why they're so good to me, but i am indebted to them for life.the sprinkle was better than i could have ever imagined. it was a gift card one, and i have already put many of them to use. so thank you. thank you to my hostesses with the mostesses, and thank you for all that came and have helped support me throughout this pregnancy. you guys are the BEST!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

nosey or nazi?

the mabster likes to smell her markers before she starts coloring with them. although i think it's funny at the time, cleaning her face repeatedly is not. i know she doesn't take me seriously when mommy is laughing and saying "no" at the same time. it's just that i can't help but think that it's halloween and my kid has decided that she wants to be hitler. see the resemblance?

Friday, August 1, 2008

quick pregger update

so i just got back from the doctor today, and it was the first week for him to check me to see if anything has happened down there. i kinda had a feeling something was going on because for the last 2 weeks, i've had some serious contractions and i could tell i was starting to thin out. well, he checked me and his words exactly were "whoa, you're already 3 cm." i was a bit shocked. i expected 1cm, maybe even 2, but 3 already!? sheesh, i need to slow it down. if lyla can stay in for at least just 2 more weeks, this mommy will be very happy. i just feel like there's alot of little things i need to finish before she gets here. i'm thinking that i'll be in serious nesting mode by tomorrow. once i have her sprinkle, i'm headed out for diapers and such so that her nursery is not only complete, but fully stocked. it's crazy. this has flown by way to fast. i'm getting nervously excited which isn't helping my blood pressure. it's been up the last couple of visits, but i've been going to the hospital after all my weekly visits to monitor it, have my labs drawn, and have a non-stress test. with each visit, this takes at least 3 hours and so while it may be a little relaxing to do this without the mabster by my side, i'm still exhausted once i get home. but everything has been coming out fine so that is relieving. just please keep me in your prayers. if i'm not at that many playgroups lately, it's because i'm sitting at home crossing my legs and trying not to sneeze!