Friday, August 22, 2008

lyla's birth story

first off let me start by thanking the hubby for recording this precious information. or should i thank plurk? for you see those that don't know, plurk is like an online instant messenger that gives you points (karma) if you post alot. it is a great way to converse and keep up with your friends every move. did they have a BM for the day? plurk, will tell you. :) hubby and i, as well as half of TBDMGE, are addicted to it. it is our crack. and it is good. so while i'm laboring and enjoying the oh-so-wonderful meds, hubby is staying on top of his game and plurking a play-by-play of what he calls my "super uterus." everyone was informed throughout the day and loving it. here is a sample of what the hubby recollects for that amazing day. . .

Wednesday, 8/13/08. Sunny and warm, High of 88F, Low of 68F with 0in. of precipitation.
Arrived in our room at 5:26AM. Room 404
Broke water at 7:19AM (4CM Dilated, 60% effaced, -1 station)
Got Epidural at 9:21AM (4.5CM Dilated)
Had issues with blood pressure until 10:10AM. It dropped as low as 70/26 so the nurse got some epinephrine to stabilize BP.
Kim slept from 10:20 to 10:40. At 10:43AM, she complained of pain and asked for a boost for her epidural.
Nurse Julie then checked her and said that there was no time to call the anesthesiologist, she was complete and fully dilated.
Holy shit, time to start pushing.
We began pushing at 10:50am, and Lyla was here at 11:04am after only 4 pushes. That was fun. My wife is amazing.
Lyla Scarlett is here with a headful of dark hair. She weighs 7lbs 5oz, and is 20.5 inches. She is beautiful.

My favorite sentence in this log is "We began pushing. . ." key word, "We." makes me laugh because i thought i was the only one pushing. who knows, hubby could have been working on something that i wasn't aware of at the time. but needless to say, it was recorded. short and to the point. i think that's how most men are. if it were me, it'd be a novel and a lot more fluffed up. but still, it is beautiful and i am thankful that he recorded it. one day i will print this off and put it in lyla's scrapbook. . .one day after she stops sucking me dry. one day.


K-Mom said...

LOL! It was kind of funny to get the play-by-play! It was like we were actually there with you guys.

Congratulations again, Lyla is a beautiful addition to a wonderful family!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

BTW -- I guessed 11:17am.. was I the closest?

Anonymous said...

HOLYF*CK, Kimmie - you didn't tell me your BP got as low as 70/26!!! Yeah, I'd be a little alarmed, too. Good thing I wasn't there when that happened, I would've called a code - JK, but you're my twinkie so I would've been EXTRA cautious. Thank God everthing turned out alright and both Mommy and baby are healthy!

Kim said...

jay swears he claimed the time 11:00am so he won. but you squeaked in for a close 2nd place! :)