Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sisterly love

if you were to be a fly on my wall, this is the dialogue that you would hear from the mabster to her new baby sister. you will hear this at least 15 times a day, and it will make you laugh every time.

mabster: "c'mer baby sister, c'mer."

lyla: (grunts)

mabster: "sit my lap baby sister. sit er." (hands patting lap)

lyla: (still grunting, but a little louder)

mabster: "baby okay? awwww. (kisses) okay."

lyla: (grunts as mommy swoops her up in hopes that the mabster will not smother her.)

mabster: (continues to play, but knows that she'll be back in 5 more minutes to do it all over again.)


Yankee Belle said...

I need a sister now. SO sweet!