Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sprinkled with love

in the words of i'm a mom, "my bitches" hosted me a fabulous baby sprinkle to help me with the little last second things before lyla gets here. i heart them. they spoil me, and spoil me rotten. i don't know why they're so good to me, but i am indebted to them for life.the sprinkle was better than i could have ever imagined. it was a gift card one, and i have already put many of them to use. so thank you. thank you to my hostesses with the mostesses, and thank you for all that came and have helped support me throughout this pregnancy. you guys are the BEST!!


Yankee Belle said...

wow - we actually all fit in the pic! Random Mommy is a great photog!

Kim said...

i know, she did awesome didn't she!? spanks RM!

Poodlehead said...

dang! I hated not being there.