Monday, September 29, 2008

halloween fun

i am dieing to know what everyone plans on being for halloween. it's my favorite holiday, and every year jay and i love to dress up. our costumes have already come in the mail, and we are quite excited. here's what we have come up with this year for the parties. . .

me - poca-hot-ass :)
jay - my captain john smith
the mabster - princess belle from beauty and the beast
the grunt - a tootsie roll

so there you have it. now what is everyone else dressing up as?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

our big chicken at the petting zoo

we went to a birthday party at the petting zoo at oak mountain today. the mabster has never been to a petting zoo so we were excited to take her. we had no idea how she would act. it was either going to be a hit or miss. so we tried to prepare her for what she was about to see while on the car ride there. she sounded excited. she kept saying, "i ride sheep" and "i like horsey." so we thought okay, maybe she will love the animals. wrong. she was terrified. she latched on to her daddy's neck so tight i swear his face was starting to turn blue. am i bad mother for finding it all too funny?looks like we won't have to worry about the mabster requesting for a pony any time soon. i think the only thing she did like were the ducks and that's because she's bigger than them. so we were walking around when a goat started eating the tissue paper out of the birthday girl's present. then he started defecating right beside lil B. she asked, "what's that?" and jay replied, "blackberries." i don't think she will ever want to eat a blackberry now. ewww. towards the end of our visit, the girls wanted to ride on the horses, but they couldn't. the age requirement is 6-years-old so i guess we will be waiting for another 4 years for that. the horses really liked them though, as you can see from the pic. notice YB's face. classic.overall, it was an interesting experience. a hysterical one actually. seriously, we laughed the whole time in between shrieks and squeals. it's funny when you hear someone say that the only chicken they like is fried. lol. at least now we can check it off the list of things the mabster has never done. will we be back? maybe. . .in about 4 years. . .only to ride the horses.

Friday, September 26, 2008

singing to sesame street

we went to see "elmo makes music" on friday night at the bjcc, and it was great. i think this was the first show that the mabster really enjoyed and could get into. she is obsessed with cookie monster and has finally grown a love for elmo instead of being scared by him. we had great tickets up close, and we sat beside yankeebelle and family. the girls sat on their daddy's laps during the whole show, and would point and clap the whole time. i don't know who sang more though, the mabster and lil B, or me and YB. jay tried to cut us off from singing a couple of times, but we didn't stop. we were jammin' to those ABC's!
so the letter of the day was "J" and number of the day was "8." very appropriate i'd say considering i like to yell out "jay" all the time. it just comes naturally. also, i'm glad the number of the day was 8 because when the mabster counts to 10, she always leaves out number 8. always. i don't know why or what she has against number 8, but she's never liked him. hopefully now she will include him in the count. also, we saw a lot of MLOB moms with their families, and got to hang out with some of our closest friends before and after the show. you'd think it was an event on our calendar. here's a pic of us (me with lyla, i'm a mom with mary kate, and yankeebelle with ashley). the daddies were with their little girls (i'm a mom's hubby with ashley, YB's hubby with lil B, mommapeas's hubby with the phantom baby, and my hubby with the mabster).
lastly, i want to go ahead and apologize for the next pic i posted. apologize for finding humor in this due to my 6th grade perverted mind. i know i am suppose to be a mature adult. a sensible mother. but i simply could not resist. i saw this happening and quickly grabbed my camera. this was my favorite part of the entire show. . .ernie choking his chicken. hehe. again, sorry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

deep thoughts by jack handey

if you're at a candle party,

and you suddenly have the urge to fart,

can anyone really smell it?

splish splash

they've finally finished and opened the "splash pad" water park on my side of town. it's great. even more so because it's 2 seconds away from my house. that's always a plus. so last sunday we took the mabster out to the park since the weather was absolutely gorgeous. before we left the house, i didn't even think about how the splash pad was up and running so i was not prepared. so while mabster and lil grunt stayed with daddy, i ran home real quick and got her bathing suit. i had to. the mabster kept running towards the water, and we kept having to divert her attention to the swings and slides. once we got her in her bathing suit, she was balls to the wall all over the place. she LOVED it! i'm excited too because it's now on TBDMGE calendar, and the mabster will get to splash around with all of her friends. my only thought now though is, why the hell was the water park not finished by the beginning of the summer? i would have been in heaven knowing this was so close and so available. did i mention that the ice cream man was there too? we've been to the park practically every day this week. i'm exhausted, but it sure does make for alot of fun.

Friday, September 19, 2008


this week's dance class was a success! the mabster went right in and started dancing with all the other big girls in their tutus. i was so proud, and so relieved. no more mommy sitting in the corner. now i can enjoy her behind the glass mirror without her even knowing i'm watching. . .or taking pics. :)

child abuse?

please do not call DHR. i do not beat my kid. the mabster just found my make-up bag. i swear.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my girls

so what's going on in our house these days? well, the mabster has now learned to pick up her musical chair and use it to her advantage. she props it up and climbs on top so that she can reach the goody corner. she wants a piece of candy. a gummie to be exact. i tell her that she can have just one. then i ask her, "how many did mommy say you can have?" she replies with "4-5." sheesh. the kid is good. luckily for us though, i have now hidden that chair.there is one thing though that the mabster has learned that she can now do without the help of her chair. she has discovered how to turn on and off the lights. now it is all she does. if i sit down in the den for 5 minutes and then go to the bathroom, i swear to you that she has already turned on every single light in the house on. even the pantry's. good grief. i am now scared to see what our power bill is going to look like.

now on to my next sweet girl. what is sweet little lyla up to? well, lyla grunts more than an old man. she grunts when she eats, sleeps, poops, smiles, and moves. all the time. and the faces she makes while doing this are classic. jay and i can't help but laugh at her all the time. she is just SOO sweet and with each day, she just gets cuter, bigger, and more curious. lyla is becoming much more alert now. she likes to lay on our chest as she looks around at everything just a wiggling, grunting, and taking everything in.lyla has just started smiling recently. it is the sweetest smile in the world, and it just melts my heart. lastly, other than grunting and smiling, lyla eats all the time. she will now eat anywhere from 4-6 ounces at a time and usually sleeps for 3 hours at a time. BUT last night she slept for 5 hours! that was quite a surprise, and much needed. i think i could get use to that. thank you girls for keeping us on our toes and making life so interesting.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

terrified in a tutu

the mabster had her first "big girl" dance class yesterday. when i say "big girl," i mean that this is the first thing in her life that she is doing without anybody she knows right there beside her. the way the dance studio is set up is that the little girls all enter a big room with their dance teacher while all the parents sit behind a big glass window. from the inside, the mabster can't see me because the big glass window just looks like a mirror to her. she has no idea that i'm really watching behind it. the class consists of 8 girls.

okay so i knew that it was going to be an interesting day to say the least because if the mabster and i go somewhere and there's a big crowd, it takes her a good 15 minutes to get warmed up to her surroundings before she ventures out on her own. well, we get there and as the class begins to start, there are about 4 girls (including the mabster) who are unsure and scared as the mommies try and encourage them to enter the room without them. once one freaks out, they all do. so here it begins, a bunch of sweet little pink princesses in their tutus going ballistic. the mabster is plastered behind the closed door like a bug on a windshield screaming "mommy, mommy!" i just stood there watching her about to cry myself. what a horrible feeling.

thankfully though, her dance teacher told us before class started that this happens all the time so she let a couple of us come in and sit in the corner to help our little ones feel more comfortable. so that's just what i did. the mabster sat on my lap in the beginning, then she'd run out there and dance, come back to me, and do it all over again. i know it will just take time for her to get use to it, but it's crazy. she's growing up. it's funny to think that one day when she's a teenager, she will be screaming at me to go away, yet right now she's screaming for her mommy to stay by her side. ahhh, were is the time going? so now i leave you with a picture of the mabster and her best friends, E and lil B. E and lil B are in the 3 year old class that is held right after the mabster's so we stay and watch. don't they look SOO freakin' cute in those tutus!?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

wordless wednesday

Monday, September 8, 2008

wanna-be skinny-minis

hubby and i have entered "the biggest loser" contest with some of our friends. we weigh in every saturday morning and e-mail our results in for NLD to calculate. she then sends out a mass email of the winner for the week as well as who came in what place. there are 12 of us playing in this stiff competition. we are enduring diet and exercise for 12 hard weeks (ends right before thanksgiving. perfectly appropriate), and this week was the start of it all.

it's pretty funny because now whenever any one of us see each other out, the first topic out of their mouth is "so what'd ya eat today?," "did ya go to spin class?" hubby is hardcore about it. he's highly competitive so this is right up his alley. our refrigerator consists of green leafy stuff and water. he now works out at the gym during his lunch break every day, and weighs himself every time he enters the bathroom. i can't help but laugh at him. he is worse than a teenage girl trying to lose some weight before a pool party. good on him though because he lost 6 1/2 pounds this first week. i hate men. they lose weight quicker than i can put on a bathing suit. not fair. i did good too, but not my best at all. i still had to finish off those brownies everyone made. hehe. so the results came in, and i won 7th place. who won first you might ask? yep, my hardcore hubby. i was impressed. he wants to lose a ton of weight. i told him that if he starts getting too skinny, i'm going to start lacing his lettuce with some lard. seriously. i don't like skinny boys. i married a man with meat. big boys make me feel petite so if he ends up looking like a stick i can snap, i'll shove donuts down his mouth myself.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

to boobie feed or not to boobie feed?

i have a weakness. i am an indecisive woman. always have been. usually when i can't make up my mind about something, i always make a list of pros and cons and then base my decision on which one outweighs the other. i star the ones that are highly important to me just to make sure i don't overlook them in comparison to one i can completely do without. so i've been doing some thinking (scary, i know). i am breastfeeding at the moment. i did with the mabster as well up until she was 6 months. i really do enjoy it, but boy-oh-boy, it has it's inconveniences. so here i go with my list. . .

- it's painful. lyla bites and hard. especially when she first latches on. i arch my back and whimper like a poon.
- leakage. i was walking around target the other day when i realized i had lactated all over my shirt. nice. it was completely noticeable too. i was quite embarrassed.
- uncomfortableness. if i don't have lyla there ready to eat or a pump nearby, i swear there are times that i think my milk cannons are going to exploded!
- alcohol. i can drink and get drunk as long as i pump and dump. which somewhat bothers me sometimes because i know how valuable that liquid gold really is.
- i'm modest. if i'm out in public, and lyla needs to eat, i will run to my car to feed her. i just don't like thinking people are staring at my milk jugs. it's natural i know, but if you're gonna look at'em, you better be my husband.
- no spicy food and caffeine. lyla keeps me up enough at night. if she keeps me up longer due to gas and the shakes, nobody will be happy.

****** - weight loss. i've already lost 23 pounds. 23 freakin' pounds!! that's crazy! i've lost all my baby weight plus an extra 3 pounds. don't get me wrong, i still eat too. all those yummy dinners everybody keeps dropping off with brownies and pure lard? there's not a crumb leftover, i promise.
****** - the mother/daughter bonding. i love that quiet time that we share just looking at each other. everything seems still and i can feel how much we love and need each other. it's wonderful.
****** - breast is best. it's the most complete form of nutrition for infants. it has the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein that is needed for a baby's growth and development. mommy milk also helps protect infants from bacteria and viruses. not to mention, breastfed babies score slightly higher on IQ tests. these are facts, no bullshit.

so as you can see from my point of view, even though i have more cons than pros, none of those cons are starred. therefore, those 3 pros have far more meaning to me than the list of cons so i'm sticking with it. there are days where i want to quit because it'd be more convenient for me. selfish? maybe. but i want what's best so i'm just gonna have to push through it. so next time you see me and i'm massaging my boobs with a look of pain on my face while my shirt is wet and it's not from spilt booze, just remember that i'm breastfeeding, and it's not pretty.

Friday, September 5, 2008

against doctor's orders

even though i haven't had my 4 week follow-up with my wonderful doc yet, i went ahead and gave hubby the green light. it's been too long. his pheromones were smelling oh-so-nice, and for some odd reason, hubby has been more than wonderful to me and our girls lately. when he gets up with lyla at 3am and stays up with her till 7am, rushes to take a shower, and then heads to work. . .i knew he was getting it. he deserved it. not to mention, i'm just a horny bitch. HA!

slowly, but surely

today i ventured out by myself with my two girls for the first time ever. it's been a little over 3 weeks of being stuck inside my house, and now that everyone is done with our colds, i was ready for some fresh air. so we went to the zoo. (fresh air at the zoo? only when the wind blew. kidding.) it was fun. i got some great adult conversation and walking around made me feel productive. it was a good day for the zoo because we got there early so it wasn't too hot. there was an overcast and some nice windage (yes, i made up that word). the mabster was hilarious. every time i'd ask her if she liked the gorillas, she'd say, "i don't want it" and shake her head. she got scared a couple of times as they started walking towards her. i don't think she realized that there's a glass wall in between them, and that they can't get to her. so with each passing of the gorillas, we quickly had to walk away and wave bye-bye. the mabster is so funny at this age.

how did lyla do? she just slept the whole time. i almost forgot how wonderful her age is as well. i am liking this new world of handling two. don't get me wrong, i've had many trying times already, but i feel like i am slowly getting the hang of it. i am no longer scared of all the stress that comes with 2 young ones. well, not AS scared. but hey, who knows what my next post entails. . .it could be a picture of me pulling my hair out, right!?

oh, and i took pics (of course), but i will have to upload them later. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lyla at 1-week-old

"Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."Special thanks to nonluciddrivel for coming over to help hubby take some newborn pics of sweet little lyla. they turned out beautifully, and we love them!