Monday, September 29, 2008

halloween fun

i am dieing to know what everyone plans on being for halloween. it's my favorite holiday, and every year jay and i love to dress up. our costumes have already come in the mail, and we are quite excited. here's what we have come up with this year for the parties. . .

me - poca-hot-ass :)
jay - my captain john smith
the mabster - princess belle from beauty and the beast
the grunt - a tootsie roll

so there you have it. now what is everyone else dressing up as?


random_mommy said...

I'm a cowgirl, Buddha is a garbage truck, Cam is an angel. Husband is a grumpy old fart... no costume needed.

Heather S. said...

Here we have a fairy witch(A) and a cat(E). No costumes for me and hubby b/c we aren't going to any costume parties.
I love pochahotass by the way. Too funny!

Karla said...

Carson is going as Kung Fu Panda, Daddy's going as a Samurai, and I'm going as a Geisha. Goodtimes.
~ Karla

MommaDrool said...

I wish I could convince The Husby to dress up, but he is too cool for school ; )

The Fred was going to be a pirate, but she had to be a woman and change her mind, so she is dressing up as Tinkerbell and StickyBun-Scotti is going to be a dragon.

K-Mom said...

We're still fighting about it over here. I wanted to go as the Vice Presidential candidates, but Hubby wouldn't agree to go as Sarah Palin. Killjoy!

We might go as a pirate and his wench, but it feels like it's been done. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Miss Priss will probably be a fairy because she's really into tutus right now.