Sunday, September 28, 2008

our big chicken at the petting zoo

we went to a birthday party at the petting zoo at oak mountain today. the mabster has never been to a petting zoo so we were excited to take her. we had no idea how she would act. it was either going to be a hit or miss. so we tried to prepare her for what she was about to see while on the car ride there. she sounded excited. she kept saying, "i ride sheep" and "i like horsey." so we thought okay, maybe she will love the animals. wrong. she was terrified. she latched on to her daddy's neck so tight i swear his face was starting to turn blue. am i bad mother for finding it all too funny?looks like we won't have to worry about the mabster requesting for a pony any time soon. i think the only thing she did like were the ducks and that's because she's bigger than them. so we were walking around when a goat started eating the tissue paper out of the birthday girl's present. then he started defecating right beside lil B. she asked, "what's that?" and jay replied, "blackberries." i don't think she will ever want to eat a blackberry now. ewww. towards the end of our visit, the girls wanted to ride on the horses, but they couldn't. the age requirement is 6-years-old so i guess we will be waiting for another 4 years for that. the horses really liked them though, as you can see from the pic. notice YB's face. classic.overall, it was an interesting experience. a hysterical one actually. seriously, we laughed the whole time in between shrieks and squeals. it's funny when you hear someone say that the only chicken they like is fried. lol. at least now we can check it off the list of things the mabster has never done. will we be back? maybe. . .in about 4 years. . .only to ride the horses.


MommaDrool said...

The Fred would have been the same way...she loves animals from a distance, but up close, no way!

The horseback riding fund is not one that I see myself contributing to in the near future : )

Poodlehead said...

Too cute!

Tell J you can definitely tell he's THE BIGGEST LOSER!

Anonymous said...

~ Karla