Friday, September 26, 2008

singing to sesame street

we went to see "elmo makes music" on friday night at the bjcc, and it was great. i think this was the first show that the mabster really enjoyed and could get into. she is obsessed with cookie monster and has finally grown a love for elmo instead of being scared by him. we had great tickets up close, and we sat beside yankeebelle and family. the girls sat on their daddy's laps during the whole show, and would point and clap the whole time. i don't know who sang more though, the mabster and lil B, or me and YB. jay tried to cut us off from singing a couple of times, but we didn't stop. we were jammin' to those ABC's!
so the letter of the day was "J" and number of the day was "8." very appropriate i'd say considering i like to yell out "jay" all the time. it just comes naturally. also, i'm glad the number of the day was 8 because when the mabster counts to 10, she always leaves out number 8. always. i don't know why or what she has against number 8, but she's never liked him. hopefully now she will include him in the count. also, we saw a lot of MLOB moms with their families, and got to hang out with some of our closest friends before and after the show. you'd think it was an event on our calendar. here's a pic of us (me with lyla, i'm a mom with mary kate, and yankeebelle with ashley). the daddies were with their little girls (i'm a mom's hubby with ashley, YB's hubby with lil B, mommapeas's hubby with the phantom baby, and my hubby with the mabster).
lastly, i want to go ahead and apologize for the next pic i posted. apologize for finding humor in this due to my 6th grade perverted mind. i know i am suppose to be a mature adult. a sensible mother. but i simply could not resist. i saw this happening and quickly grabbed my camera. this was my favorite part of the entire show. . .ernie choking his chicken. hehe. again, sorry.