Friday, September 5, 2008

slowly, but surely

today i ventured out by myself with my two girls for the first time ever. it's been a little over 3 weeks of being stuck inside my house, and now that everyone is done with our colds, i was ready for some fresh air. so we went to the zoo. (fresh air at the zoo? only when the wind blew. kidding.) it was fun. i got some great adult conversation and walking around made me feel productive. it was a good day for the zoo because we got there early so it wasn't too hot. there was an overcast and some nice windage (yes, i made up that word). the mabster was hilarious. every time i'd ask her if she liked the gorillas, she'd say, "i don't want it" and shake her head. she got scared a couple of times as they started walking towards her. i don't think she realized that there's a glass wall in between them, and that they can't get to her. so with each passing of the gorillas, we quickly had to walk away and wave bye-bye. the mabster is so funny at this age.

how did lyla do? she just slept the whole time. i almost forgot how wonderful her age is as well. i am liking this new world of handling two. don't get me wrong, i've had many trying times already, but i feel like i am slowly getting the hang of it. i am no longer scared of all the stress that comes with 2 young ones. well, not AS scared. but hey, who knows what my next post entails. . .it could be a picture of me pulling my hair out, right!?

oh, and i took pics (of course), but i will have to upload them later. :)


Mommapeas said...

you're a brave soul Kim!

Seis said...

You were great, and you made it look like a breeze.