Thursday, September 11, 2008

terrified in a tutu

the mabster had her first "big girl" dance class yesterday. when i say "big girl," i mean that this is the first thing in her life that she is doing without anybody she knows right there beside her. the way the dance studio is set up is that the little girls all enter a big room with their dance teacher while all the parents sit behind a big glass window. from the inside, the mabster can't see me because the big glass window just looks like a mirror to her. she has no idea that i'm really watching behind it. the class consists of 8 girls.

okay so i knew that it was going to be an interesting day to say the least because if the mabster and i go somewhere and there's a big crowd, it takes her a good 15 minutes to get warmed up to her surroundings before she ventures out on her own. well, we get there and as the class begins to start, there are about 4 girls (including the mabster) who are unsure and scared as the mommies try and encourage them to enter the room without them. once one freaks out, they all do. so here it begins, a bunch of sweet little pink princesses in their tutus going ballistic. the mabster is plastered behind the closed door like a bug on a windshield screaming "mommy, mommy!" i just stood there watching her about to cry myself. what a horrible feeling.

thankfully though, her dance teacher told us before class started that this happens all the time so she let a couple of us come in and sit in the corner to help our little ones feel more comfortable. so that's just what i did. the mabster sat on my lap in the beginning, then she'd run out there and dance, come back to me, and do it all over again. i know it will just take time for her to get use to it, but it's crazy. she's growing up. it's funny to think that one day when she's a teenager, she will be screaming at me to go away, yet right now she's screaming for her mommy to stay by her side. ahhh, were is the time going? so now i leave you with a picture of the mabster and her best friends, E and lil B. E and lil B are in the 3 year old class that is held right after the mabster's so we stay and watch. don't they look SOO freakin' cute in those tutus!?


I'm a Mom!..? said...

I'm so glad someone brought a camera!!

Don't worry, she will get used to it and be loving it in no time...

Poodlehead said...

that is too funny because not ONE of them looks happy.