Monday, September 8, 2008

wanna-be skinny-minis

hubby and i have entered "the biggest loser" contest with some of our friends. we weigh in every saturday morning and e-mail our results in for NLD to calculate. she then sends out a mass email of the winner for the week as well as who came in what place. there are 12 of us playing in this stiff competition. we are enduring diet and exercise for 12 hard weeks (ends right before thanksgiving. perfectly appropriate), and this week was the start of it all.

it's pretty funny because now whenever any one of us see each other out, the first topic out of their mouth is "so what'd ya eat today?," "did ya go to spin class?" hubby is hardcore about it. he's highly competitive so this is right up his alley. our refrigerator consists of green leafy stuff and water. he now works out at the gym during his lunch break every day, and weighs himself every time he enters the bathroom. i can't help but laugh at him. he is worse than a teenage girl trying to lose some weight before a pool party. good on him though because he lost 6 1/2 pounds this first week. i hate men. they lose weight quicker than i can put on a bathing suit. not fair. i did good too, but not my best at all. i still had to finish off those brownies everyone made. hehe. so the results came in, and i won 7th place. who won first you might ask? yep, my hardcore hubby. i was impressed. he wants to lose a ton of weight. i told him that if he starts getting too skinny, i'm going to start lacing his lettuce with some lard. seriously. i don't like skinny boys. i married a man with meat. big boys make me feel petite so if he ends up looking like a stick i can snap, i'll shove donuts down his mouth myself.


Julia said...

i think that is fantastic! I saw great results when I did the south beach diet, but it was hard to stay on it after a year... now I've gained some weight, tried to lose it, nothings working... then finally realized it's because of my thyroid. I basically have to not eat to lose weight.

Good luck, guys!!!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Men!! How did they get invited into this competition!! All C. has to do is think about losing weight and he drops 5 pounds!! Oh well, even if I don't win the money this will keep me motivated to lose some weight...