Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

this year for halloween, we had a very fun-filled night. like always, everything felt like a rush from here to there, but it was totally worth it. we started the night off trick-or-treating with some friends in homewood. all of the kids looked super cute in their costumes, as well as the parents. the grunt was dressed up in her black kitty cat outfit while the mabster was dressed up as princess belle.i really wanted to sport my new NKOTB t-shirt so i got the idea to dress up super tacky, 80's style, and go as a NKOTB groupie. i wore pink and green legwarmers with matching neon colored jewelry, a jean skirt and headband, blue eyeshadow and yes, i even crimped my hair. i honestly didn't think any place would still sell one, but alas, sally's beauty salon does! i was stoked. YB was my fellow NKOTB groupie, and we were rockin' it...jay and mitchelle dressed up as drunk fratastic frat boys. they wore their pi kapp jerseys from back in the day with some added flair for the full effect. jay wore the mabster's tutu around his waist along with her pink arm floaties. mitchelle fluffed up his outfit with some thongs and condoms dangling from his pants along with a jester's hat. basically, they were themselves 10 years ago, and loving every second of it. the best thing about that though is that they both really ARE true pi kapp brothers...just another common bond that they share that makes them love each other more.all the kids were having a great time trick-or-treating from house to house. we piled them all in wagons and strolled them around all night. i think the daddies enjoyed lugging the wagons around especially the one that contained the party ball of bud light in it. it was covered by a blanket, but every 5 minutes, someone would bend over, pull it off while acting like they're talking to a kid, but instead they were pouring themselves another was trick-or-treating at a whole nother level. we just didn't want to get dehydrated that's all.oh, and the mabster had princess privileges thanks to daddy. he'd stroll her around and then drop her off curbside from house to house. he was her peasant and provided all her services. that's okay though because the mabster would reward him with a snickers bar every now and then so he didn't seem to mind.after the mabster racked up on some yummy candy, we left to make it in time for my older sister karmie's halloween party at her house. we had some miscommunication problems with our babysitter that night so we decided to take the girls with us. the mabster was hyper from all the candy she had eaten all day and was wide awake. it ended up working out really well because alot of our college friends haven't seen the mabster and grunt in awhile so they were excited to see them. later, the mabster laid down and watched cartoons while baby sister slept in tita karmie's room while we socialized for a bit. it was good seeing everyone again especially the girls. karla and i got to catch up with everyone and it felt great.overall, it was a very fun and eventful night. thank god i had nothing to do on saturday, but watch the girls at home while hubby went to a jui jitsu seminar all day. i was wore out. halloween with kids is super fun...but also super exhausting. at least all that sugar gets you high enough to keep going. but i'll be honest, i am done with chocolate. done!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

hangin' tough!

"listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance,
just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance."

yup, that's right, i reverted back to a giddy 12-year-old girl last night at the New Kids On The Block concert. we headed out around 2pm yesterday for hotlanta, and listened to their greatest hits during the whole car ride (both before and after). we were beyond excited. the show started at 8:00pm, and natasha bedingfield and lady gaga opened up for them. i am still singing "pocket full of sunshine." the girls found one of their old NKOTB posters that we proudly displayed, and as soon as we got there, we just had to buy a t-shirt.
the atmosphere was oozing with a cheesy early 90s theme. all the girls were dressed in tights and jean jackets with the big NKOTB buttons pinned to them, as well as hair being crimped. if we saw a guy there, we immediately labeled him a sucker. hehe. as soon as the show started, we jumped to our feet and started screaming frantically. it was hilarious. i got a bit dizzy, but i couldn't tell if it was because of the lack of oxygen to my brain from the screaming or from the jack and cokes that i'm a mom got me. (btw, i owe you girl)we had great seats on the floor next to the aisle. by the end of the night, we ended up in the aisle...not sure how that happened. we labeled which new kid was ours...i'm a mom was crazy over joey, yankee belle liked jordan, and i don't know why, but i claimed bad boy donnie. still not sure why. he's just dirty, but hey, don't forget i had a 12-year-old mentality that night.i almost forgot how high-pitched jordan's voice was. it's crazy. also, i thoroughly enjoyed joey's solo of "please don't go girl," and donnie grabbing his crotch and doing a butt dance all night long. furthermore, i'm ashamed to admit it, but i called the hubby and dedicated the song "i'll be loving you" to him, but of course i'm sure all he could hear were a bunch of 30-something grown women swooning and screaming. ahhh. i loves me some cheesy love ballads. the best part of the night though was when it got completely dark, and the new kids busted out of the ground on a piano that was right beside us. i mean, RIGHT beside us...i think we could have caught the yummy sweat off of them. HA! here are some pics of that.
so about 3 and a half hours later, the concert was coming to a close. they encored with "step by step," and then made us anxiously wait again for another one. so what do you think they ended the night with? but of was "hangin' tough." my night was complete. hard to imagine that it was 15 years ago since i last waved my arm and danced to that song. today, i am back to my 27-year-old self, but that little girl inside is smiling from ear to ear.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the pumpkin patch

as we drove home on sunday afternoon, we decided to stop by the great pumpkin patch in hayden. it is on the way home, and for years, we have always enjoyed this pumpkin patch. we took some silly pictures, ate funnel cake (yes, even jaydoug cheated on his diet and had a couple of bites), and just watched the kids dance on the platform. we went with my twinkie, her hubby tre, and baby carson. it was funny watching karla run away from all the yellow jackets there. let's just say that we didn't feel like sharing our funnel cakes, and they didn't feel like leaving us alone. i'm just glad no one got stung. karla swore that it was because we saw the movie the secret life of bees, and knew not to swat at them. ha! she's such a dork, god love her! :)LOOK AT THE GRUNT'S CHEEKS. . .I COULD JUST KISS A HOLE THROUGH THEM!!!

falling for fall

this weekend was absolutely beautiful. jay had to work some overtime in order to wrap up a project so we headed to the lakehouse once he was done on saturday afternoon. the weather was wonderful with the temperature around mid-70s. we decided to bring up the 4wheeler and enjoy cruising around through the back roads and trails. the cool crisp air felt amazing on our faces, and the foliage on the trees was breathtaking.
we drove around for hours just taking in the scenery. the mabster rode upfront while helping daddy drive, and i just latched on behind jay, "oooh'ing and ahh'ing" at everything. i'm a country girl at heart "ya'll," i just can't help it. if it's outdoors, i'm game. also, as we would ride around, the mabster kept saying, "i like daddy's bike." sweet mess.the mabster was loving every second of it until nap time came around of course. i think the hum of the motor and the slight bumpiness of the road almost put her to sleep. we decided to drop her off at the lakehouse so that she could enjoy nap time with her baby sister. lola and pawpaw were there watching football all day so we knew they were in safe hands. the only thing we worried about was if they would sleep through lola's cheering. surprisingly, the girls off we went to enjoy another one of jay's hobbies...shooting his bow and arrows. we drove up to the farmhouse (this is where my mamaw leaves), and he played around for a bit. we kept placing bets on which corner of his shooting block he would hit. i think i owe him a few things. guess i'll just add it to the list that he is still waiting to collect on, huh?later that night, we took pics of baby carson (my nephew) and baby lyla together. they are 3 months apart so it was fun and exciting placing them two beside each other. also, pawpaw wanted a picture of him with his grandkids as the wallpaper on his cell phone so of course, we delivered. it was pretty funny piling up all the kids on him.lastly, we love when we can hang out at the lakehouse with family, especially during football season. see my parents are die-hard auburn fans and do not miss a game (home or away). so since we knew auburn didn't play this weekend, going to the lake was a given. in fact, they are taking the mabster to auburn's homecoming in a couple of weeks. it will be her first game with them... for auburn's sake, let's just hope we win our own homecoming. hehe. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy 1 year with the MLOB!

so i was browsing through my calendar from last year when i realized that today marked a very special time in my life. it was the day i made the decision to join the "moms league of birmingham," also known as TBDMGE (the best damn mom's group evah). i remember it like it was yesterday. my first meet up was at the monthly birthday bash at chuck-e-cheese. i was SO nervous which was very much unlike me. i had no idea what to expect. i was worried that i would approach all the wrong people and look like an idiot aimlessly running around while trying to introduce myself to the head organizer, i'm a mom. finally i made contact with her. she made me feel at ease and told me about the group, their events, so on and so forth. i also remember her telling me that the reason they wanted to meet me before they could approve me into the group was to make sure i was not "chester the molester" and after their kids. she made me laugh and feel so comfortable. i thought, "this girl is cool. thank god we are on the same page." we introduced our kids to each other, and at that time, we both only had one.

then i'm a mom pointed me to the direction of yankee belle. she told me that she was from gardendale too and that we should talk. yankee belle was at the drink machine refilling her cup. i looked at her from afar and sized her up. i still remember exactly what she was wearing. i'm observant like that. she was wearing green and white gingham capri pants with a white shirt, and my first though was, "she's trendy and from g'dale!? sweet." then we started talking about our local parks and how one smelled like a cat's litter box, but the other new one was fantastic. she laughed that signature laugh of hers, and i fell in love.

driving home that day after meeting everyone not only for me, but more importantly for the mabster, i felt fabulous. it's kinda weird saying this, but for once i felt like my purpose was being fulfilled. for you see, the mabster was just a little over a year old, and we were the first of all of our friends to start raising a family. the mabster had absolutely no playmates what-so-ever, and as she got older i knew she would need her play time with friends more than i would. she wasn't in daycare or any sort of MDO program so she wasn't learning social skills such as sharing, talking, playing, etc. from anyone but me...and well, i can be pretty boring.

furthermore, hubby had always encouraged me to join a mom's group, but i was unaware that they even existed. i knew how blessed and lucky i was to even have the option to be a stay-at-home-mom. if hubby was going to bust his ass at work every day so that i could have that option, then i in return was going to do all that i can to make sure that my kid was going to be a well-rounded, social, respectable individual. from day one, it's always been all about the kids. i believe that if the kid is happy, the parents are happy. so this is why i feel like my purpose is finally being fulfilled. the mabster needed this group, and so did we. she has met some great friends and will spit their names off any time you ask.

so here's to you MLOB, thank you for making the last year of our life the best one yet! not only have the mabster and the grunt made some wonderful experiences with some awesome friends, but so have we...lifelong friends. friends you can't get rid of, even if you tried. also, thank you for getting my boring ass out of my house and making me an AO (assistant organizer) so that i can help plan festivities for everyone to enjoy. i don't know what i would have done within the past year without this group and the women and kids in it. i'd probably already be locked in a padded room from having no source of outlet in my life...and that's just sad.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my girls


Monday, October 20, 2008


just got in from seeing the movie, "the secret life of bees" with i'm a mom and yankee belle, and it was wonderful. it was honestly the best movie i've seen in awhile. just warning you guys though that if you go, be sure to bring a box of kleenex. two boxes in fact. it will make you cry so hard until you start laughing. believe me because that's exactly what we did. we all agreed that we haven't done that since watching "the notebook." definitely a chick flick to go to without the hubby because all they will do is make fun of you for getting all emotional.

also, hubby and i got to stab each other with needles tonight. yep, it was fun. we were laughing and acting like we were shootin' each other up with heroin, but instead it was a simple flu vaccine. nothing says i love you like a needle to your deltoid.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

halloween supper club

on saturday night, we got together with some of our friends for our group's awesome supper club. random mommy and poodlehead hosted this month's meet up, and the requirements for the night were to bring a dish with a spooky name, a festive 6-pack of beer, and a pre-gutted pumpkin. halloween costumes were optional, but of course, everyone dressed up. we brought "piggies suffocated in a blanket," some pumpkin ale, and a white pumpkin to carve. also as some of you already know, hubby and i dressed up as pocahotass and captain john smith.

everyone's costumes were great. some of the characters that walked through the door were amy winehouse, richard simmons, a sexy spider, a computer hacker, a cowgirl, 2 prom queens (one was pregnant), JFK and marilyn monroe, a geisha and a samurai, and a priest with a little boy hanging from his pants. it was hilarious! halloween is definitely my favorite holiday for the mere fact that i get to watch everyone dress up and make fools of themselves. here is a group pic...

as the night progressed, everyone started carving their pumpkins. do you think everyone went cutesy fun with this task? i think not. since this was an adult party with no kids in sight, we all got a little dirty. i felt like i was in 6th grade again with a bunch of prepubescent peers just laughing at all the raunchy pumpkins. hubby and i walked outside and saw the penis one carved so we decided to match it with a va-jay-jay. thanks to random mommy's natural hair from her hairbrush and a nice slice of deli ham, we came up with this...

i know, i's so wrong on so many levels, but it was fun. if you'd like to see the rest of the pics, just log in to your facebook account. i'm warning you though, they are S-C-A-R-Y!

Friday, October 17, 2008

feelin' groovy!

so i gave in to peer pressure and started reading the twilight series by stephenie meyer. everyone has been going crazy about these books, and i didn't want to miss out. i'll be honest, i'm not a big reader. i think the last book i read out of mere pleasure (other than pregnancy and parenting books) was of mice and men. that's pretty bad, huh? but this book is awesome. it just makes me feel good. it gives me butterflies, and i catch myself fantasizing about different scenarios. it's great. all my girls are swooning over one of the main characters, edward. we all want to talk about it, but can't yet till everyone finishes reading each book because nobody wants to give anything away. the night of that book club is going to be a MUST!
furthermore, since i started reading this book, i have just been in the best mood. today, i went to a birthday party with the girls in tow, came home, and then read a couple of chapters while they napped. i started feeling all romantical so i made hubby and i a wonderful dinner that i use to make all the time, but haven't since we became parents. the preparation of it all takes a lot of time and i'm usually unmotivated. but not today. it was done by the time he walked through the door, and i could tell he was surprised. after dinner i read a bit more, got that natural high, and began scrapbooking while jay and the girls watched finding nemo. now the house is quiet, and i'm about to cuddle up to my new favorite book. (sigh) just that thought makes me break out into song...

Slow down, you move too fast
You've got to make the morning last
Just kickin' down the cobble stones
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"everybody was kung fu fighting..."

hubby's recent hobby addiction number five-hundred and fifty-two...


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so here we go...i got tagged by the wonderful k-mom. the rules, as i understand them, are to go into your "pictures" file and download the 6th picture in the 6th folder. so that i did. i should have known it'd be a lake/lakehouse pic because honestly, i have 50 million of them. but here it is.

it's a picture of the mabster with her tita karmie (my older sister) fighting over a bag of powdered doughnuts while at the lakehouse. i think this was taken about a year and a half ago which makes the mabster around 7-8 months old. notice the powdery goodness all over their mouths. i almost forgot about this funny pic.

the rules also state that i'm supposed to tag six other people to do the same, so i will tag the following who have not already been tagged and in no certain order:
1. momma drool
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my sponge

the mabster is a sponge right now. everything i say, she just soaks it right up and then uses it later during the perfect situation. i love it. "the terrible two's" are just that, but it is also a time when her fun sweet personality really comes to surface too. for example, ever since the mabster was a baby, i'd call her "abbybug." now i catch myself calling the grunt, "lylabug." i don't know why, but it just seems to roll off my tongue. well obviously the mabster has taken up with this because now if she really wants something from jay and i, she will call out "daddybug" or "mommybug." i think she thinks it's just another term for endearment like "honey" or "sweetie" not a nickname. it's cute.

another example of her sponge-like tendencies are when she acts like she's reading a book to herself. she'll read it out loud, and then ask herself something as if i am reading it to her. she goes like this... "blah, blah, blah, what's that? a sheep. what's that? a kitty cat, meow. who's that? pawpaw." it's pretty funny.

lastly though, my favorite is this one. when the grunt cries, the mabster goes running to her, puts her binkie back in her mouth and says, "ohhhh, i know." holycrap. those are MY words. she is reciting my comfort sentence to her baby sister. guess it's time to seriously start worrying about what comes out of my mouth, huh?

Monday, October 13, 2008

happy 2 months grunt!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

adieu my love

it's that time of the year to say farewell to the lake season. today was a sad day. jay brought the boat back home today to clean it and get it winterized until next year. we left it up there as long as we could in hopes that we'd be able to make it back up and enjoy the lake. however now that fall is here, our weekends have been slammed busy and well, there's just no time. so here's to you dear sweet boat and lake...goodbye for now, but we'll see you in about 6 more months. promise.


we had a surprise birthday party for yankeebelle's hubby on friday night and it was off the hook, crazy! the best thing was that he had no idea so the look on his face when he walked in was classic. long story short, it was a crazy fun night. all of his close friends were there, and it was the first time since lyla was born that both jay and i got to get our drink on together. we got to do some sloppy slow dancing, and it made me love him even more.the guys were absolutely hilarious! i feel like i have known them forever even though that night was the first for some long drunk conversations. jay and i'm a mom's hubby were grabbing everyone's camera and taking pics of their goods. why is it that whether you're male or female, if you've had a few drinks in you, you're always ready to take some sort of a dirty pic? this alone was about 2 hours of entertainment for all of us.
we took shot after shot, and i was definitely more than buzzed. i was giddy as a schoolgirl because as bad as it sounds, i love and have missed that utterly drunk feeling. it was nice. thank god for blue momma for being our DD and driving us all home. you're the best! the guys kept doing the "statue of liberty" shot where they would dip their fingers in 151, light them, raise the flame over their heads, and then throw back a shot of SoCo. it was crazy. i think all of their fingers are definitely hairless now. i will leave you with the last 3 pics i took of the night before my memory card filled up. i won't even elaborate on them because i think they speak for themselves. we missed mommapeas, i'm a mom, and random mommy. next time i will find a babysitter asap for you guys that way we can sit back and make fun of the hubbies. ya'll would have been so proud of them, ha! thank you to everyone who came and partied especially karla, poodlehead and mommadrool and hubbies. i believe it was one he will never forget if he even remembers at all. =P

(disclaimer to i'm a mom: i will delete all pics of your hubby's wanker off my camera if you delete my hubby's coin purse off of your hubby's i-phone...please, and thank you!)